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1 Farmington, United States

My problem with Absolute Write is that they don't tell you which companies arte traditional and are members of the Association of American Publisher and which are little ebook companies that are not sqantioned with any book organization. You sould at least say, "This is not a traditional publisher or a part of the Independent Publishers association and is mainly a small ebook publishers and only does Print on Demand on occasions where ciustomers can only order the books on line and pay an additional $3.99 for shipping and will never be in any book store"
I was accepted by Alpha Wolf, who advertised as a hardback publisher. Within weeks, they were taken over by Solstice and that's when I fgound out that both Alpha Wolf and Solstice were ebook publishers and could not do what I wanted for my book.
Solsticew broke their contract with me because I asked for another editor when it was dfiscovred it needed more ediring. Noe I can't go to a traditional publisher because it is not an original novel anymore. this could have been a top 100 book with the right company. If you had given the right information, this would not have happened.

Mar 23, 2014

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