Marion Browning / Stay away

1 United States

I am another person who she also ripped off for over $30, 000. We now have a group of over 50 people identified who have all been ripped by her since she started in the 1990's.

We are urging everyone to write to the Georgia State Bar (they have a website with the info you need to file complaints). Don't bother writing to Browning-Baker personally on anything. She will never reply to you as she already took your money.

BTW, word in the group has it that has been bragging to some of her ex-clients that she owns a mansion some place in the Caribbean. Guess where that money came from? Your pocket! We are starting a Yahoo Group in an attempt to locate everyone who was ripped by her since she started all of this nonsense family law practice in Europe. Should you want to join the group, send an email to MJBB.[protected] and then tell us your story. We will keep you posted and add you to our list. And if you heard of anyone else who used her, please pass the word. Since she can no longer advertise in the Stars and Stripes, we all think we have effectively put her out of business for good. Now it is time to collect our debts back.

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