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Mario Tricoci - Salon and Day Spa / Terrible Hair Coloring Experience

1 Bloomingdale, IL, United States Review updated:

Mario Tricoci is 100% over-rated. I’ll never go there again, I’ll never recommend it to anyone for any reason and I’ve been sure to tell every woman I know about the crappy job they did with my hair.
I had a home, hair-dye disaster. The color turned out MUCH darker than was intended, even after leaving it on for only 15 minutes vs. the 25 minutes the instructions had suggested for optimal coverage. I had sworn this was the last time I was going to use DIY, box hair color, as I was now earning the salary that could afford me professional hair coloring every 6 weeks.
Anyhow, after I saw the results of the home hair dye, I decided I didn’t care how much it would cost to have it fixed and I wanted to go to a more “high-end” salon (if you will) where they (should) know what they were doing.
Well, I guess I was wrong. First off, the chemical/solution that is supposed to remove the hair dye didn’t fully work. Fine, that, I was ok with and understood, as my hair had been dyed a million times before then. (She actually had to repeat this process too.) So then after having that crap in my hair TWICE, we had to re-dye my hair to cover the unmatched colors from previous dye jobs as well as the most recent color that did not come out. The colorist (who will remain nameless) did an AWEFUL job. First off, not only did she stain my scalp with the dye, she stained my forehead as well. I mean stained. The dye on my forehead didn’t come of for about three days, and that was because I had used a home remedy to get it off my skin. She didn’t even try to wipe it away or apply a cotton roll to prevent staining either. I should have spoken up and said something. To this day, almost two full weeks later, my scalp is still stained from the dye.
To add to it, the color turned out completely uneven and had noticeably missed spots throughout my hair. Also, throughout the application of the dye remover, the washing and re-washing of my hair (5x total), she was washing extremely hard, slamming my head around the sink and did not even offer to put a towel under my neck. My neck was sore for days. I know that may sound petty, but come on; don’t you expect to be comfortable and treated well at a salon such as Mario Tricoci?? Don’t you expect some of the better service from a salon like that?
I’d also like to mention the cleanliness of the salon, which was not apparent at all. The “hood” in which I was placed under while the dye remover was on my hair, was disgusting. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned, ever. There was brown guck everywhere on it and its right in your face. The walls were disgusting too. When you’re having your hair washed 5 xs you can’t help but notice them when they’re the only thing to look at. (Makes me shutter to think what the spa rooms/massage tables are like; be careful, you could catch something!)
Also, I felt it was ridiculous that my hair wasn’t styled after this fiasco. Seeing a stylist, who would have probably thrown some product in at blow-dried it, is a completely separate charge and staffer. When I made the appointment, I wasn’t even given that option. Nor did I know I needed to make a separate appointment. I walked out of the salon with sopping wet hair and a stained scalp and forehead. My hair was not even combed, towel dried or double-checked when I was done. I didn’t even receive a ‘thank you’ from the colorist as I left! Are you kidding me!?
In addition to all this, back by the sinks there was a “personal area” for staffers, where I saw girls curling their hair and “getting ready”. I also saw them walking in and out of a somewhat open and easy to see in, supply room where they were clearly taking breaks. I had worked three years in the restaurant industry while I was in school, so I understand what it’s like to be on your feet all day and want to sit down every chance you get, but come on, this is supposed to be a professional, reputable and high-end salon, I don’t pay to see that.
When I finally got the nerve to call and complain the following week, I left a message for the manager and NEVER received a call back.
My service was second class, at best, and I left feeling worse than when I had come in. That’s generally not the feeling you should have after walking out of a salon.
It seems they have the “turn ‘em and burn ‘em” attitude, but applied to the hair coloring and styling.

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  • La
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    I agree, I went there yesterday and they ruined my hair and overcharged me! I'm NEVER going back there for anything.

  • Wm
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I work in the salon industry and think your complaints are a little ridiculous considering you were the one who messed up your hair in the first place. The salon I work for is pretty small and nothing like Marios, but I can see the other side of things too. How can you expect a technition to take time out of their schedule to blow dry and style you for free? when you go to the dentist, do they give away free teeth cleaning???! no. Stylists have experience and make their money by giving services to people, not by blow drying people for free. That's the point of a blowdry station, so clients that don't want to spend the money to get styled can dry their hair and not leave wet. Also, corrective color is a difficult process, sometimes it takes a few times to fix. That's why you go to a salon, hair color is tricky and should be left to a professional. On the other side, I can see your point about the tech not checking on you, that is definately wrong. They should have atleast made sure you were happy. One more point, how can you complain about seeing a breakroom?? Most jobs have them and people need a place to eat and sit, so what if you could see in? That's really nit picky.

  • Lj
      11th of Apr, 2010
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    I am not disagreeing with the way you feel about the salon, however I do agree with the previous person's comment on a few things: you used cheap commercial box hair color and expected a salon to fix years of terrible product in your hair in just one visit?

    Furthermore, I too worked in the restaurant industry for years while I was a College student, and it is not fun comming home with aching feet, but the breakroom did have a door to it, and everytime someone went in and out of the room, the person closed the door behind them.

    I myself learned that inexpensive salons and inexpensive grocery store hair products only damage your hair. The older you get, the more pronounced it is that you're hair is damaged becaused of terrible chemicals in your hair. I do not like spending over $200 everytime I walk into a salon, but it helps in the long run. If you were not satisfied with your experience, I would either give it another shot, maybe it was just a bad day at the salon, or find another high end salon that meets your expectations.

  • Ge
      25th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    you poor thing...maybe you should just kill yourself!

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