Mario Mazza Salons / Avoid like the plague

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Mario Mazza Salon, Mazza Rocks, whatever the hell he's calling it this week. All those were run the same way, like crap. He sexually harrasses customers and employees alike with impunity, keeps clients waiting forever just so he can talk on the phone, and he tries to scam you out of your money, pouring honey in your ear as long as he needs to separate you from your money, or to have you sign a long-term contract for things that don't even work, or make your hair loss even worse. Plus, as soon as there was even a hint of trouble from bill collectors, he'd close down his store, find an empty place down the road, then reopen under a different name.

He also has been arrested twice, once for alleged spousal abuse, and the second time for contempt of court. Both are on public record, and anybody can look them up. Oh yeah, someone on another site posted up about how he got drunk at a pool, and in the process, nearly got his entire club kicked out and sent home. I was there, and I can say that's 100% true.

His Couture For Cancer is also a scam, and just something he thought up to try and get exposure. I can't even tell you how many companies lost time, money, supplies, and on & on, that they contributed to this, all because he never even got non-profit status for it. Because of that, none of them can even claim one cent of what they spent/donated on their taxes. How he got away with that without even one of them suing him is beyond me.

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