Marino Performance Motors / scammed

1 5403 N. Haverhill Rd. W. Palm Beach, FL, Miami, FL, US
Contact information:
Phone: 1`-877-561-2121

I negotiated an agreed purchase price of $84, 500 with their broker representative, Todd.through my broker, Todd Nixon, of Augusta Motor Group, sugject to a PPI to be performed at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale at my cost of 477.50. We received the inspection report back with some service and warranty issues. We then attempted to contact their representative, Todd, but he refused to respond. All our calls were ignored. We later discovered the car was sold to another buyer. I am seeking a refund of my PPI cost without any success. The sales manager, Gil Courchene, has also ignored my request. Buyer Beware is all I can say.


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