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Phone: 860-304-8131

I 0ordered a fiberglass boat top from this company but they did not deliver. They charged my credit card for the deposit then the balance due and then did not return calls or email.

Fraudulent company, take your money do not deliver.

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  • Su
      Sep 09, 2009

    This fellow George explained to me that the customer who filed the above complaint had actually canceled the order, and that his money had been refunded in full. I have no way to verify this with the customer. George came to my boat, measured it out for a hardtop, and we agreed on a contract price, with one half down as a deposit, and the rest when the project is completed. He seems to be a very nice fellow, certainly knowledgeable about his craft. Currently, we have not begun the project yet, as we are waiting to receive a copy of his insurance. We do not anticipate any problems, but I will certainly post here if we do.

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  • Ea
      Oct 06, 2009

    The fellow George of marine retrofit (owner) of Westerly Rhode Island, is a total crook and should be persecuted and put behind bars! Anyone who does bussiness with this totally corrupt, and I mean really out to cheat you, will find out the hard way if you don't take warning! This guy is addicted to gambling and probably drugs too! I warn not do bussiness with this guy!!!

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  • Mi
      Oct 12, 2009

    George has some issues. I was also a victim. I am not going to bother bad mouthing him as there is no point in throwing fuel on a fire. I will tell you that if you are looking for a high quality hardtop at an affordable price then you should contact Lou over at Tops 2 Bottoms. He understood that my money was stolen by marine retrofit and gave me a really good deal. (and to top it off he delievered my top on time!!!)
    His number is [protected]

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  • Mi
      Oct 12, 2009

    I too was a victim of marine retrofit. I am not going to get into my situation as there is no point in adding fuel to his fire. I will tell you this, I contacted Lou at Tops 2 Bottoms where they actuall specialize in quality custom fiberglass hardtops. I explained my situation and he built me a better top and it was less then marine retrofits prices. He was very understanding of my recent situation and delivered his top to my boat on time. Give him a call, [protected]

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  • Is
      Oct 12, 2009

    George Donovan the smooth talker and a good one, i enetred my arrangment with George Donovan started 08/11/08 to fabricate a radar arch for my power boat we agreed on 1/2 down only to find on 12/09/08 i had to start small claims at Connecticut Superior Court and to find he was a no show, I contacted the Better Buisness Bureau and filed a complaint, then The State of Connecticut regaurding Marine Retrofit which was filed in Rhode Island and also with the Chief State's Attorneys Offfice (Leonard C.Boyle in CT.. check New Haven Register 01/27/09 (some nice person posted this for me)and when George Donovan was picked up for Operating a motor vehice under the Influ or Liq and drugs on 09/09/08 and only did 120 days (should of gave him George Donovan community service cleaning barnicels on the bottom of boats for the 120 days)and also his brother also wrote nice things about him on CraigsList 08/18/09 T-tops hardtops Re;George Donovan, Marine Retrofit(Rhode Island).I might be in California but i can reach a long way... Happy boating

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  • An
      Oct 23, 2009

    I too am a George Donovan victim. He took my $1000.00 deposit to built a hardtop
    and was never heard from again.
    Like others, I took him to court and sued. He never showed. Won the case. The problem
    is you can't get nothing from a nothing.
    You should rot in jail George.

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  • Mr
      Oct 31, 2009

    Geroge Donovans name and website were sent to me by an unsuspecting friend knowing that I was thinking of putting a radar arch on my boat. Marine retrofit was offering a 10 day "special" for $1500. I e-mailed George with questions about his bussiness and details of the radar arch and also called him. He replied to the E-mail and answered the phone promptly. After some conversation that he sounded very knowlegable, we agreed to meet at my marina to measure my boat for an arch. (Sat 10/24/09 10AM)We met, he wrote up an agreement on his bussiness form and I wrote him a check for half of the price/remainder to be paid at completion.I told him that I would visit him at his shop at the end of the week.He had shown me many pics, supposedly of his work, Both on his website and from his laptop.That PM I was feeling a little edgy about this and went back online under a different search engine and found this website(Thank GOD!) I immediately called George. No reply! At 7:30 AM Monday morning put a stop payment on the check. I found out that George had been arrested that nite and spent the weekend in the westerly R.I jail. I also went to both of his shop sites 1.Westerly RI and Clinton hear the same reply from people. That George has not been there for a long time and that I was not the only person looking for him. He has changed his living address many times also. Beware!!!. I hope this site helps someone else besides me. I was fortunate.

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  • Bu
      Jan 16, 2011

    Now this guy Goerge Donovan is doing businees out of Haddam, Ct under the company name, Essex Marine Fabrication...same website, photos, advertising. Call the number...stay on the line to leave George a message. He's a con man...beware of his new con...Essex Marine Fabrication!

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  • Sc
      Apr 30, 2011

    I am the most recent victim - Last month I saw a Craigs list add for Marine Innovations, Deep River CT. I called a guy named George Donovan to inquirer about the T-top - he went and looked at my boat gave me a call back and gave me a cash price to do the job. I met with him gave half cash $1500, got a bad feeling and wrote down his plate number (CT Comm 51C103). We agreed in two weeks that I would meet him at his shop to view the construction process. Two weeks was yesterday morning, his phone was disconnected. I have spend the last 24 hours running this guy down. For everyone who has been taken by this D-Bag - take heart in the following: (1) His current address is either 35 or 75 Rattling Valley Rd, Deep River CT where he rents a room from a guy named Rich [protected]) Last week he was pick-up on traffic charge in Old Saybrook CT with being a fugitive from justice, driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and failure to carry insurance (3) Currently he is sitting in a jail cell in Littleton RI on $25, 000 bail for fraud and passing bad checks. (3) He has many people looking for him some are dangerous. (4) Even if he gets through the RI legal action there will be a warrent for his arrest in Connecticut, I assure you of this. (5) Essex Marine Fabrication is totally seperate, George worked there for a period and was fired. I always used to be trusting and it usually worked for me until now.

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  • Le
      Jan 21, 2012

    In 2010 this guy took $3000 to build a top for me, it's jan. 2012 and i still have no top. he refuses to call me back.

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  • Ju
      Apr 16, 2012

    any one looking for george donovan call me i now were he is [protected]

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  • Ju
      Apr 16, 2012

    i no were this guy is callme [protected]

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  • Sa
      May 30, 2012

    Well I guess I am up next...I contacted George Donovan in may of 2011 through his craigslist ad for Marine Innovations located in Deep River Ct. then met him on sept 27 of 2011 in Revere, .Mass. I have a wellcraft v20 steplift that I wanted to put a hardtop met with me & my dad and showed me on his laptop some pics of his work on the exact same kind of boat.. he spent the better part of an hour taking measurements and such after a few laughs we shook hands and i paid him a %50 deposit($1, 500.00) on a $3, 250.00 job for this hardtop..I called him 3 times last week, , emailed him no response so I did some detective work and found out his scam, which led me I'm out the $$, still have no top for my boat, and still have to break the news to my dad about being ripped off!! so if you guys know of any legitimate top builders near Boston let me know...

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