Marine Megastore / Order accepted - then more money requested!

1 Morpeth, United Kingdom

On 10th February, I ordered a Scanstrut lifting crane from Marine Meagastore, since having done an on line search, they had the best price. I ordered and paid for the product at £425.54 inc VAT, with a discount for an order over £300 bringing the price down to £361.45 - pretty good, I thought. I received an immediate email response confirming my order and giving me an order number. Ten days later, when I was beginning to get anxious about my lifting crane, I received an email from Marine Megastore asking me to 'Livechat' with them. 'Livechat' turns out to be a semi-automated system going by the name of 'Richard'. It told me, much to my astonishment, anger and dismay, that I would have to pay an additional £95 if I wanted the product, since it was a 'special order'. I rejected this, saying I wanted the product at the agreed price that I had paid. I was then told the product was out of stock and that the new product had an improved specification which cost more. A quick call to Scanstrut in Devon confirmed that the product was in stock and the specification has not been revised in recent years. When I mentioned this to Marine Magastore, I was told I would have to speak to someone else on Monday. I left my telephone number and requested them to call me.
I then went on line and looked at the reviews about this company. My heart sank and I quickly realised there would be no phone call from them, so I contacted Trading Standards, who acted very quickly. Two days later, once Trading Standards had rattled their cage, Marine Megastore sent me an email confirming that my money had been refunded - but no apology for all the hassle, waste of time, porky pies, etc.
With so many good on line chandleries available, who offer 'knock-your-socks-off' srvice, why trade with a shower like this who have no understanding of customer value or care? AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

Feb 28, 2014

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