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Marine Corp / Marines letting my brother die

1 2008 ELLIOT ROADQuantico, VA, United States Review updated:

My brother has been in the Marines for about 3 years and to make this short he attempted sucide about a month ago and nearly died and then again last night he attempted suicide and they just sent him home.

In between attempts when he tried to get help his unit told him to "suck it up" and gave him hell when family tried to get him help.

He nearly died once and thankfully didn't take enough pills last night to kill himself.

I am trying to get him help and so far I havne't been able to get media interested and am having to run around calling people to try and get the government involved.

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  • Ai
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    My boyfriend's older brother is a marine in Iraq. He has been undergoing verbal, emotional, and mental abuse from his unit as well. They call him names and harass him often. This is a form of torture as he is already homesick, and doing as best as he can to complete his service overseas. His family is trying to voice concerns do not know who to turn to, or who to contact for these ocurrences.

  • Bo
      19th of Nov, 2010
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    I am a former Marine of 5 years. I have been subject to verbal abuse, physical abuse (hazing) and other things I don't want to say. Now first things first...the marines train people to kill other people. Thats the simple fact about it. They can't train you to kill on instinct if they hold your hand and give you hugs and special treatment. So there is nothing wrong with the Marine Corp.


    There are things wrong with the marines that give my Marine Corp a bad name. I have taken time to sit back and examine the marines around me and I can tell you that its no different from high school. There are the popular kids, the losers, loaners, etc... just like high school. And I can tell you that time and time again there will be units out there the same exact way from CO/XO/Company First Sergeant down to boot private out of SOI or whatever MOS school he came from. Marine get ostracized for how they act, mess up, who they hang out with, etc. and its complete crap. Marines get DUIs and it get swept under the carpet, Marines beat their wives and get told it was the wife's fault, marines use drugs and get sent to rehab under the radar and never lose rank. But the unpopular kids get NJP'd 4-5 times on a Battalion level for being 5 minutes late even after calling their corporals 30 min. prior. It's crap like this that almost made me hate the Marine Corps. Now you will always find buddy-buddy situations in any job and special treatment for [censor] wherever you go. But this is the military! It has to get cut out.

    Now don't get me wrong, I had a few times where I messed up, got in trouble (even got a beat down once), and paid my price.
    But I picked myself up, fixed my problems and moved on. So hazing and such is no problem in my book (as long as its truly deserved) because I was in a job to kill people. But like I said before, the marines who take it too far and get someone to hurt themselves purposely are the ones that need to get kicked out. As a sergeant, I never tolerated that crap from my marines.
    So for those still in keep your heads up and OORAH

  • Bo
      5th of Aug, 2013
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    Yo Bobby,
    I received your direct contact info... left a few messages, never heard back. You sent me, right?
    Bobby John Ford
    3494 Lake Circle Dr.
    Fallbrook, CA 92028

  • We
      5th of Aug, 2013
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    Get him a dog. It may seem silly, but there is evidence that a loyal dog is great therapy for armed service members in this sort of situation. The government even has therapy dog programs for servicemen coming back with PTSD and the like that have shown great results, but these programs are severely underfunded, so there aren't enough dogs to go around. The unconditional love and loyalty a dog shows to its owner creates a bond that has helped many soldiers through what you describe.

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