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Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan) / marina noble (fake md, mph) shoplifting charges in 2013

1 Watertown, MA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

now about the demoniac monster

(1) name: marina noble (aka marine mkhitaryan),

(2) dob june 01 1966,

(3) address: 4 repton circle, flat # 4010 (basement), watertown, ma 02472

last known phone numbers; [protected], [protected] (reported for scamming, fraudulent calls pretending to be an [alternate electric billing agency] attempting to steal credit card information)

(4) married (currently separated from) william r. noble (dob 09/20/1962, west yarmouth, ma)

(5) william r. noble (bill noble) in an impotent, infertile, officially databased alcoholic whom maria noble - (marine mkhitaryan) was dating (with her pregnancy from others) when williaml noble was still a married man.

(6) in 2001, marina noble (marine mkhitaryan) sadly and infamously emerged to the us from armenia, through the corrupted edmund muskie freedom support act program, without knowledge in a single english word. the program lasted through [protected], and in july 2003 marine mkhitaryan was mandated to leave the usa pursuant to the unambiguous federal statute 212e, that strictly prohibits the muskie fellows stay in the usa under any condition, including the marriage to a us citizen.

(7) during the program, marina noble (then, marine mkhitaryan) wasted no seconds on hunting random men in craigslist who would impregnate her... marina noble, a dishonored street prostitute had very low demands; she just needed to get pregnant, no matter who the father would be.

an iranian-armenian refugee, residing in watertown/ma, did the favor and impregnated marina; yet he entirely escaped from her horizon, evading and responsibility (understandably...).

during her pregnancy from one-night stand, marina noble was twice arrested for shoplifting, but acquitted by reason of her pregnancy and mental issues.

while pregnant and abandoned, marina noble (then marine mkhitaryan) remained focused and persuasive, continuing to hunt after lost and indigent men.

(8) through, marina mkhitaryan found an [censor], william rl noble (bill noble), dated that married man, aiming to dissolve the latter's family (where the first, brazilian wife had restraining order against bill for domestic violence). marina noble made bill noble leave the wife and take her with her pregnancy from other men.

the goal was reached, bill's family was dissolved, now it was time to avoid deportation that marina noble (then marine mkhitaryan) was facing. she has always mentioned that her daughter sophia noble, the product of the random men from craigslist, is neurotic and has many ailments due to her extremely stressful pregnancy under the deportation alerts.

(9) to stay in the usa after a muskie program (when formerly no muskie fellow had ever attempted to do) should be unprecedented. perjury to the immigration authorities was the only option marina noble could use to stay in the usa. her already expired visa (j1) and the straight-forward rule (212e immigration code), was the barrier. she was on deportation schedule.

she lied to the immigration authorities with false pretense of a care-giver, intending them her wish to [take care after a us citizen with chronic illnesses], under what she meant her future alcoholic husband with mental illnesses, including catatonic seizures and aggression, all well known as chronic illnesses. she never disclosed that she was in process of marriage while asking for the 212-e waiver. that's a huge, huge fraud.. to reflect on... (and if the current authorities cannot deport marina noble as the perjury was long time ago, in 2004, then they still need to demand of her not less than $30, 000 penalty for lying).

(10) marine noble's [hard-job - pregnancy] ended with the birth to that cachectic and deeply affected, underdeveloped sophia noble in 2004. the child was born our of wedlock (which is okay, not a problem in our days, unless marina noble would not exercise humiliating sarcasm on others who have out-of-wedlock children).

the marriage to william noble was registered only in 2006, i.e. two years after sophia noble's birth (after william's divorce from the first wife was finalized).

(11) thus marina erroneously and accidentally got naturalized in 2009 (accidentally, because her case was overlooked).

(12) marina noble also has an elder daughter, a monsterous azniv shahverdyan (from her first marriage in armenia, to ruben shahverdyan who refuses any relationship and does not wish to hold any memories or associations).in fact, it was in 1997, when ruben shahverdyan (the first ex) and his parents literally pulled marina noble (then mkhitaryan) to the divorce court to radically get rid of that monster, offering her $5000 to make sure that she disappears from their lives forever. that $5000 was used my marina noble to bribe her way through the corrupted muskie program to the usa.

(13) per marina's own claims (emailed to many), her elder daughter azniv shahverdyan has serious mental issues, which marina relates to the fact that since her age of 8 years, azniv has been sexually used and abused by a 62-year old pedophile named gennady (from komitas street, yerevan).

(14) in the usa, still, marina noble is unable to obtain or keep a job, because of her nefarious, dishonest, deeply criminal nature.

she was fired from multiple settings, for lying, document falsifications, stealing from the companies, and slandering/libeling her coworkers to make them get fired based on her anonymous reports. instead, the justice prevailed and she got fired...


the setting where she was fired from her roles of office cleaner and front desk receptionist:

bay state clinical trials, address, 521 mt auburn st # 202, watertown, ma 02472

3d sonography, 1330 beacon st #220, brookline, ma 02446

in search for jobs in states other than ma (for her criminal records in ma), she also shortly (for 2 weeks) worked at:

bristol-myers squibb, 5 research pkwy, wallingford, ct 06492

fired from everywhere (just like in her native armenia), marina noble was left with one option: [becoming her own boss]


she started falsely claiming (typical to her lying nature) for owning so-called atlantic clinical trials, llc (a non-existent company) and

introducing herself to the inexperienced biopharma companies in watertown/ma or surrounding areas, offering them her services for phase-1 drug - safety/efficacy testing, meanwhile created fake patient records (using lost names from cemeteries, or hacked credit card names, or the social security numbers linked to the patient files from her former job settings) to demand reimbursement for her services per file (for services never performed as there were no patients, in fact).

building such a monsterious repuation nowhere to go, marina noble appeared in the abyss.

tough [censored]! who cares, correct? — unless, marina noble would cease from ruining families, lives, careers, just as you see she is doing in this particular site, each day, every day (this time, her target is naira, whom marina noble morbidly envies).. marina noble tried to sell her daughters genuine psychiatric issues on us, blaming us for her misfortunes and low life.

Dec 6, 2017
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  • Ar
      9th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I knew that sad woman, Marina Noble. She was a Muskie Program dropput, prostituting in Watertown, MA to get pregnant and stay in the USA. Then she violated the 212 E immigration Code and stayed by perjury.

    Now she is libeling everybody and currently is sued for libels. We all know she is a shoplifter. Many Watertown/MA residents have also taped her theft-acts with their smart phones.

  • Ma
      9th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    All stated above is true. Marina Noble indeed is a malignant psychopath, and shoplifter. We have some of her theft-acts taped with our smar phones.

  • Lu
      14th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I know her. this monster (marina noble, fake md, mph) is ruining many families and lives with her daily hate-posts. she also dissolved my son's marriage and captivated him with her pregnancy from other men to avoid deportation and stay (a mess). so, it is good that her victims decided to disclose that demon's face.

    Whoever know where does she work, email all her posts to her employer. marina noble's picture is attached.

  • To
      12th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Naira renault aka naira matevosyan: threatening to commit murder, threatening to bomb the white house, slander, libel, vulgar, despicable behavior

    Concerning the false and defamatory postings placed by naira matevosyan here and in many other sites and forums across the internet:

    Certainly, most people view information on the internet with a cautious sense of curiosity.
    As we all know, you can’t believe everything you find in google.


    But, the psychopath naira renault, a disgruntled former foreign md, armed with the intent to do irreparable damage to your reputation can cause so much of a clutter amongst the internet-savvy to effectively trash you.

    We’ve seen it all, everything from posting a bunch of lies, half-truths, libel and slanderous reports in a way to make it look, ‘official’, via personal web sites, blogs, comment postings, and third-party web sites that may appear to be credible, to fraudulently impersonating victims on social media sites, like facebook, linkedin, slideshare and twitter and accosting your social media contacts with slanderous reports and/or threats.

    This psychopath naira renault, formerly naira matevosyan, has poorly defended herself in lawsuits past and present.

    The number of people naira matevosyan, now aka naira renault, has destroyed by placing defamatory comments on the internet is becoming too large to keep count of.

    In an attempt to destroy your credibility a psychopath may project her own character attributes onto you in an effort to make her out to be the real victim, and possibly that the [psychopath] offender was framed by you or that someone exchanged your testimony for favors from the court.

    The psychopath will take any known facts about you and turn them into wild stories that would excite the senses of any conspiracy theorist. the psychopath will also accuse you of committing and being responsible for her own wrong doings hoping that this will exonerate her and that you will suffer the pain which she cannot properly feel herself.

    Fact: naira’s victim(s) graduated from medical and public health schools, they have degrees and many are experienced medical doctors.

    Psychopath spin: naira renault claims that her victims dropped out of school and that their credentials are ‘fake’. meanwhile, she claims that she holds an mph degree which was actually just a 10.5 month certificate program, and msj degree which cannot be verified.

    Fact: victims own their own nice homes.

    Psychopath spin: naira renault claims that her victims live in basement apartments in some sort of slum.

    Fact: naira’s victims hosted the psychopath for a month in their home and naira’s violent child inflicted a head injury to their three-year-old.

    Psychopath spin: naira renault states that she never stayed at their place, and they don’t know her, but that it was their child who hurt hers.

    Fact: naira’s victims have sued her [the psychopath] for slander / libel.

    Psychopath spin: naira renault claims that it was she who has sued her victims.

    Fact: naira’s victims have not committed the crimes or been arrested as [the psychopath] states. however, naira renault (matevosyan) was in fact charged with theft by shoplifting in 2012, and the public records showing this were found with court name, case number etc after analyzing the below:

    Psychopath spin: naira claims that [victim(s)] are arrested shoplifters, terrorists, and now even north korean and isis operatives. naira also creates fake case numbers, fake judge’s names, fake records of shoplifting charges naming her victims since her own criminal record was discovered.

    Fact: naira’s victims have normal, healthy, good relationships with their family and friends.

    Psychopath spin: naira claims that everybody hates her victims. naira posts nasty comments about her ex-colleagues and even her own relatives. she calls her own aunt a ‘prostitute’ and ‘thief’, ‘[censor]’, etc., and wishes her own family members death and misfortune. naira falsely states that her own mother was killed by her aunt.

    Fact: the psychopath can’t find a job likely due to her own mental illness compounded by her disadvantaged child whom she likely cannot leave home alone. we also suspect that naira matevosyan / renault may be out of status under immigration laws, and as such would hold no work authorization in the us and would be therefore unemployable. but, naira writes ‘books’ and records ‘music’ and sells these things online, so this would be a self-employed psychopath.

    Psychopath spin: naira matevosyan claims that her victims’ exposing her defamatory activities is the only libel and this is what has made her unemployable and her victims should pay her millions of dollars.

    Fact: naira renault / matevosyan posts modified pictures of her victims, bloody, and mutilated with their throat cut. naira also states that she will brake their head, and that her victims will be shot in their forehead and in several instances naira states that her victim will kneel in front of naira after their throat is cut and twitch like a slaughtered animal. naira also threatens to sever a male victim’s penis. naira has expressed in writing her desire to see her victim’s children’s legs cut off causing the parent (victim) to spend their life pushing the child in a wheelchair… it is understandable that a psychopath with a developmentally disabled child would say something like that, but this grisly metaphor is unacceptable no matter the reason naira matevosyan expresses such heinous, twisted projections of the circumstances of her own life unto others.

    Psychopath spin: naira claims that her victims created the bloody pictures of themselves, which naira created and posted. she falsely states that her own threatening statements were made by her victims and they are the real killers.

    Fact: victim(s) (former acquaintances and colleagues) have witnessed, while visiting naira and child in the past, that naira matevosyan / renault was keeping cases of bottles of wine in her refrigerator, and can conclude that she most probably drinks just a bit more than what would be considered healthy.

    Psychopath spin: naira calls her victims alcoholics and drug addicts.

    Fact: naira matevosyan initiated scamero (previousely scamgroup) posts under her own name (naira matevosyan, md, phd and two under karine martirosyan (fake md) mph) on or about the same day.
    Naira [the psychopath] placed modified versions of older truthful posts placed elsewhere by one of her victims and so began the scamero her tortuous attempt to confuse, the psychopath created the monster that will destroy her.

    Psychopath spin: naira claims that these particular complaint pages were opened by one of her victims and it gets much deeper.

    Fact: naira’s victims all are citizens or lawful residents of the usa, and we suspect naira is likely in the u. s. out of status. naira matevosyan [the psychopath] seems unable to show any proof otherwise.

    Psychopath spin: naira renault posts false statements about her victims’ immigration status and states that they violated the law.

    Further psychopath spin: naira [the psychopath] also claims that she and son received ‘green cards two weeks after filing for adjustment of status and that she is today a citizen of the u. s’.

    Fact: most applicants receive a receipt for the application and any requests for additional documentation after two weeks, then, later are scheduled for fingerprinting. all this and much more must occur prior to the scheduling of an interview, which is followed by two other actions prior to the manufacturing and issuing of ‘green’ cards.
    Wow…it took only two weeks for [the psychopath] to become a lawful permanent resident of the us!
    We must question either the intelligence or the mental stability of [the psychopath] naira matevosyan when she makes such ridiculous claims describing absolutely impossible circumstances.
    Clearly, naira matevosyan [the psychopath] has not experienced the entire process, and her application to adjust her status, if she ever filed such, was likely denied.
    Perhaps this is all some sort of attempted manifestation of a delusion?

    Certainly, there is some very complex psychopathic behavior presenting here.

    And so it goes on, ad infinitum…

    Psychopaths are supremely gifted in spinning fantastic stories about their victims in an effort to destroy any sense of the credibility of the victim.
    Imagine applying for a job, and potential employers find these libelous reports on the internet. this is why we post this.

    What about getting phone calls from your friends, and employers who tell you that they have received phone calls, emails and facebook messages from (supposed) public agencies [actually the psychopath herself] claiming to be investigating you or a family member for illicit or illegal activities?

    Naira matevosyan, aka naira renault, a former foreign md, places despicable false, defamatory comments about her former colleagues and acquaintances, their children, and families on the internet here and on many other sites and forums to destroy their reputations. naira threatens across state lines to commit heinous crimes. the psychopath naira matevosyan falsely reports terrorist activities and with malice, engages and wastes the resources of the government of our united states. we have no choice but to make the truth about this psychopath known to all those who find her defamatory comments via search engines.

  • Rc
      23rd of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    The truth about the monster, internet troll, impersonator, identity thief, thief per se marina noble from watertown, ma.

    All links she lists and libels on naira, are posts that in fact are placed by marina noble herself.

    Now, look at who's this troll, marina noble! she is also a thief, a notorious one. —

    Marina noble (aka marine mkhitaryan) - theft by shoplifting of under $250 merchandise, case number 12c76873
    On 08/06/2012 marina noble (a fake md, drug vigilance assistant) has been charged with theft by shoplifting.

    Middlessex county, ma, court records indicated the following data:

    Judicial officer t. r. haydmann,

    Case number 12c76873,

    Court division 3,

    Plaintiff the state of ma,

    Defendant noble, marine w.

    Dob 06/01/1966, gender female, race white-questionable, height 5'6',

    Address: 4 repton circle, apt. 4101, watertown, ma 02472

    Charged with: theft by shoplifting, mgl chapter 266, section section 30a: shoplifting; penalty; arrest without warrant, on 08/06/2012,

    Level: misdemeanor (with warning, for the habitual behavior),
    Marina noble (fake md) completed a ‘pre trial diversion program’ on 10/02/2013 to avoid prosecution.

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