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Maria d. White / Federal Jobs

1 Honolulu, HI, United States

I have been trying for at least three years to get a federal job through the Army, Navy, and Airforce. I have gotten three interviews just this year for flex for the Army not Part time or full time only flex. The Navy and Airforce here in Hawaii won't even consider hireing a ten year army veteran at all. When I call the Navy and Airforce I get just keep putting in your application you will get called eventually instead of taking my name down and looking it up to see the status of my applications that's what the human resouces tells me and mind you all of the human resouces for the Navy and Airforce are foreign nothing wrong with that but almost all federal employees in hawaii's Navy and Airforce are foreigner's that don't speak much english. I am a army veteran of ten years and I keep hearing that federal employees, disabled vet's and retiree's get preference over me fine but the one's already in the system are leaving a federal job for another all the time if this keeps happening we veteren's will never ever get into the federal governement this needs to be taking seriously we have a break down in the system in hawaii for all the armed forces for american veteran's and no one is looking into it all I want is a good paying federal job so I can stop killing myself working two full time 40 hour jobs seven days a week with no days off no time to spend with my family, friends, or time for myself all I want is the same chance to work a federal job as the foreigner's getting hired over me.

Maria D. White

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