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BEWARE: Margaret Rose Haule Feb 27, 1980
Convicted of Harassment is Cyberstalking and harassing random persons online via social media. She has also exposed her targets personal information online. Margaret has mental problems steaming from early childhood abuse and has since been in trouble with the law in Austin TX. She is currently being investigated by the SBI cyber crime unit in Raleigh NC for making false statements to government officials in NC. This ad has been created to bring awareness to potential victims online. Please respond to this post if you have been harassed by Margaret Rose Haule of Austin Texas.

Margaret Haule

Jan 09, 2015
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      Jan 21, 2015

    Margaret Rose Haule, AKA Margaret Haule, Margaret R. Haule, Margreth R. Haule is a convicted stalker from Austin, TX. 

    The pattern of behavior she was convicted of included stalking a co-worker and launching a campaign of phone call harassment. The details can be found here:

    Since her 2004 conviction she has escalated this behavior most recently victimizing people encountered via Facebook. Her M.O. consists of making anonymous phone calls and sending emails to the intended target and their friends & co-workers. 

    If you have been or are currently being harassed by her please take the steps below to help stop her.


    Don't try to deal with her directly as the obsessive compulsive components of this type of personality disorder make it unlikely for her to stop.

    The best courses of action are:

    1. Document all instances of the harassment: 
    — save emails
    — write down dates, times & details of phone calls, etc.
    — gather written statements from those around you who are witnesses to the harassment

    2. Contact the Austin District Attorney's office at [protected] 
    — Tell them that you are a victim of someone who was convicted of harassment in 2004: Case Number: [protected]-CR, heard by the Honorable Edward L. Jarrett, Trial Court Case #31648
    — Tell them that despite her receiving a suspended sentence she has continued her harassment behavior
    — Ask them what steps to take to bring new charges
    — Insist that your complaint is added to her case file. Follow-up to ensure that this step is taken.

    3. Margaret Rose Haule is an immigrant alien with a previous conviction, and as such is at risk of deportation if she continues to engage in illegal activity and violates "moral turpitude" laws. Contact your local U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to discuss what can be done for continued harassment by an immigrant previously convicted of the same behavior. Immigration info: granted permanent residence status on January 24, 1989 in the House of Representatives, H.R. 657.

    If you have any more information email: [protected]

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