Marcus M.Thomas / Marcus M.Thomas is not a friend,He uses people and takes advantage of people

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Marcus M.Thomas is a user, He uses people and takes advantage of people!!! He manipulates people into doing evil and doing things.In 2003 me and him lived in the same apartment building at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue.He used me and manipulated me into giving Chikeya M.Longley money, because she was getting kicked out of college.I asked Chikeya did she get the money from under her door, She said no she never got the money.Marcus was telling me negative information about women and sex!!! He forced me to go to MATC(Milwaukee Area Technical College), I went to MATC and it did not work out for me, It was a waste of time and money!!! He thinks college makes a person smart, College does not make a person smart.College is not for everybody!!! People make it without college, Marcus forced me to do things that I don't wanna do like go to Boston Store at Bayshore, Grand Avenue Mall, Target on South 27th Street in Greenfield.Marcus drinks alcohol, abuses alcohol and act crazy on people!!! Marcus charges people and wants people to give him money. Marcus don't pull his own weight, He is lazy and a slacker, He wants people to pick up after him, He wants people to do his errands for him!!! Marcus gets people twisted in his mind games like he did me from [protected].That's why I stopped being his friend in 2011, because of the things he did to me.He ain't worth being a friend.Do not be his friend, Stay away from him, Don't go by him and near him, because he's bad news and He will get you caught up in his mess!!!

May 30, 2015
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  • Be
      12th of Jun, 2015

    Rennard please stop lying on me. Have you stop taking your pills again? I would hate to get law enforcement involved. Kent told me about that BS you did. Keep my name out your mouth su cker.

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  • Vi
      12th of Jun, 2015

    Rennard's not lying, He's telling the truth about you, BellyLord are you still drinking, acting crazy and acting stupid? Rennard never stole your PSP from you, He's not a thief, I known him since 1989, he never stole from nobody. Kent Cory is a lie and a crook and he would make any lie about tenants who lived in his buildings. I know Patrick Fitzgerald, Joseph Dixon, Elzie Ruffin, and all of the ex tenants who got evicted say Kent Cory has a smart mouth and he rip tenants out of their security deposit. BellyLord you're the crazy one..

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