Marcus M.Thomasmarcus m. thomas be manipulating people and be denying stuff on people

J Mar 08, 2017

When I was living at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue on the 6th floor from 2004 to 2005. Marcus M. Thomas used, manipulated and tricked Rennard Cotton to get what he want. Marcus was not a good friend to him. Marcus be drinking alcohol, acting crazy around him. Rennard was a good tenant in that building until Marcus used and took advantage of him. Marcus manipulated him to give Chikeya M.Longley money for school and she never got the money.In 2005, I moved out of that apartment building because of Marcus M. Thomas and to get close to my son Jimmy. Marcus be charging and betting people money over petty stuff, because he's from Michigan City, Indiana. Chicago people be charging people money, Suburban Chicago people be charging and betting people money too. Stay away for Marcus M.Thomas and Stay away from Wiegand Enterprises and 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue because they ain't worth it.

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