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Marcus Blassingame / TSD Agency / Marcus Blassingame of TSD Agency and Employee of BlackMen Magazine Stole my Money and Failed to appear in court.

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Marcus Blassingame of TSD Agency and employee of BlackMen Magazine and Charles gardner of IEC Studios stole my money and failed to appear in court. Reason cited: needed time to get finances straight to make a trip to Denver, Colorado.

Charles Gardner and Marcus Blassingame were paid a deposit of $850 to book model Suelyn Medeiros of to host an event in Denver, Colorado. However, these clowns were unable to provide the model for the event and simply ran with the money – no service provided. Anyway, The Gardner and Blassingsham were on the run for a while then decided to slither back into Denver around a year later. While at a Denver nightclub they were served documents to appear in court. Blassingsham got served, hopped around like a wounded rabbit, then took a seat. While Blassingsham was getting served The Gardner hobbled right up to Shamie to see what was going on and got himself served as well. The Gardner read the documents over his pot belly, then also took a seat next to Shamie. From this point on, these clowns have been trying to find a way to get out of going to court for stealing my money.

For the past year Charlie and Markie have been running off at the mouth saying they were right and they were going to sue me. Right!!! The trial date was scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 8:45 am at the Denver County Court House. This would be a perfect chance for The Gardner and Shamie to prove that they were justified in creating fictitious documents to have Suelyn Medeiros host an event, committing breach of contract, neglecting to keep the deposit money in proper escrow, not providing the service promised and not returning the deposit money. Of course these cowards backed out. They actually submitted a letter to the court saying how bad their financial position is and that they need more time to get their finances straight. Say What??? Charles Gardner, who works as a low level photographer, should be able to pawn his camera for $50 and hop on a Greyhound Bus to Denver. Marcus Blassingame has been riding off of his daddy’s coattails his entire life, he should be able to ask his pops to lend him a few bucks to catch the Greyhound as well. This is a perfect example of The Gardner and Blassingsham displaying their character. They talk all that smack and could not even step up to the plate. Blassingsham seems to have more estrogen in his body then ten women combined. This clown sends text messages like a women scorned but could not show up to court. I have never met a man who works so hard on his text tirades – way too much estrogen. Blassingsham needs to apply for “The Real House Wives of New Jersey” he would probably do quite well on the show.

To add to this whole comical situation, there is a lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland by the name of Paul W. Gardner who was reprimanded for failing to keep a retainer in a proper trust account. See link ( or call the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission at [protected] to verify the accuracy of this statement. Now could this Paul W. Gardner be the same Paul W. Gardner that Charlie states is his Baltimore attorney??? Same Gene pool??? Do birds of a feather flock together??? Could this be a case of what the clowns see the clowns do??? In any event, Attorney Paul W. Gardner received a Commission Reprimand for failure to deposit a client’s retainer into an attorney trust account. Very similar to Charlie and Markie not keeping my deposit money in proper escrow.

These clowns can say whatever they want, but all facts are at the Denver County Court House located at 1515 Cleveland Place Denver, Co. Anyone interested can view the court documents. Gardner and Blassingame can say a million times that they are working on a case, going to sue, etc. Fact remains they did not show up to court. It would have been a hilarious site seeing dumb and dumber trying to explain how they were justified in taking my deposit money, providing no service, and not returning the money. #clownsneedtotakeanethicscourse.

People must beware of Charles Gardner of IEC Studios and Marcus Blassingame of TSD Agency and employee of BlackMen Magazine. As exemplified above and in court documents, they are not doing well financially so if you give them deposit money for a talent booking or give them any of your time there is a strong chance both will be wasted. Learn from my experience, work with a reputable talent agent out of New York or Los Angeles, not a “Real House Wives of New Jersey” type of agency or a dishonest old man claiming to be a photographer / booking agent. These two clowns are fakes, frauds, and Blassingshams.

#Clowns #Frauds #Losers

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  • Ta
      17th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    TSD Agency doesn't pay their models! Blassingame is what we call "bootleg".

  • Ie
      30th of Jul, 2014
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    In response to Marcus Blassingame’s rebuttal, which was
    posted on
    /link removed/ on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. First let me state that I have not thought
    about this thief since the day that I filed a motion to cancel the case on
    September 23, 2010. I was recently
    alerted by email when he posted several lies on a complaint board. Thus, I decided to take a couple minutes to
    shut the liar down. Marcus Blassingame –
    both thief and liar – holds no validity in what he writes.

    However, first I have to address the fact that in the second
    and third paragraph of his remedial rebuttal Marcus displays that he is a
    RAT. The goofy dude SNITCHES on the
    coward Charges Gardner of IEC STUDIOS.
    It is one thing to be a thief and a liar, but being a RAT displays that
    Marcus Blassingame is a completely lower form on pond ### than that of your typical
    conman. In an attempt to make himself
    appear correct, THE RAT threw Charles Gardner of IEC STUDIOS under the
    bus. Nevertheless, the truth is the
    truth and five years later the facts still haunt this RAT.

    Marcus Blassingame’s complete rebuttal does not make
    sense. I have posted the official court
    documents which prove that Blassingame is a lair. These documents are public record and anyone
    can obtain them from the Denver Court House located at 1437 Bannock Street
    Denver, CO - formerly on 1515 Cleveland Place (Case Number 10C13868). The facts of the case are simple

    I gave Charles Gardner of IEC STUDIOS $850 in which everyone
    agrees and is well documented. This was
    the required deposit to have Suelyn Medeiros promote the event. The remaining money would be provided upon
    her arrival in Denver, which is standard practice in the industry.
    Charles Gardner of IEC STUDIOS agreed to pay for
    Suelyn’s to travel from LA to Denver, then from Denver back to LA (See posted
    Model Booking Agreement).
    Marcus Blassingame and Charles Gardner stole the
    money and provided no model and have been trying for five years to come up with
    a good excuse as to why they breached the contract and stole the money.

    The math is 1+2+3 = Marcus Blassingame and Charles Gardner
    are THIEVES.

    Marcus has now stated that I tried to contact Suelyn
    Medeiros and then disappeared. How
    stupid does that sounds? Marcus the RAT
    states in his own post that I paid the deposit, tried to contact Suelyn, and
    then disappeared. Yet, I have time
    stamped online complaints, emails, phone records, and filed a lawsuit. How did
    I disappear? Is Marcus Blassingame
    really this stupid???

    Marcus Blassingame further states that the court
    ruled against me. Another lie. Obviously, Marcus Blassingame, Charles
    Gardner, and myself were in disagreement over their breach of contract and
    stealing my money. We agreed to go to
    court as I would sue them for the money they stole from me and they would
    countersue for slander. I filed the
    lawsuit and had Marcus and Charles properly served. However, the Friday before the scheduled
    hearing Charles Gardner filed a Request for Continuance stating that he was in
    a bad financial situation (see post for financial hardship). Further, Charles called me via phone
    practically crying saying that he performed some photography work for BlackMen
    and Marcus would not allow him to receive his check nor allow him any
    additional work until this case was finalized.
    Charles further went on to state that he had no money to pay his rent or
    other bills.

    After hearing Charles Gardner of IEC STUDIOS cry over the
    phone in addition to his filing a Request for Continuance because of his
    financial situation I realized that:

    These thieves did not want to go to court. They repeatedly stated that I was slandering
    their name and they were going to sue me in court. Everything was already set up, all they had
    to do was present their case for slander and, if successful, they could ask the
    judge to award expenses for their travel.
    However, once the court case was filed, Marcus and Charles ran like
    I realized that it would cost me $5, 000 -
    $10, 000 in my time and opportunity cost to get back the $850 that they stole
    from me.
    I also realized that it would cost me $5, 000 -
    $10, 000 to actually go through the process of collecting the money from these
    thieves once I was awarded the judgment.

    Therefore, on September 23, 2010 I filed a
    Motion to Cancel with the court (see Post for Motion to Cancel). The ironic part is that in the motion I
    stated that “I hope that karma will deal with these two individuals.” And I believe it has. Five years later, the case still haunts
    Marcus Blassingame. Charles was made to
    look like a fool as his own partner in crime SNITCHED on him. All for an $850 score.
    On September 29, 2010 the judge awarded my
    Motion to Cancel.

    As is exemplified, in line item 1 the judge states “As
    Plaintiff wishes to ‘cancel’ case.” Then
    in item 2 further states “the answer does not contain a counter claim.” As anyone with a third grade education can
    see, this case was canceled by me for the reasons listed above. There is nothing that can be disputed. Anyone can call the Denver County Court or go
    to the court house to view the file.
    Marcus Blassingame is clearly lying.

    Lastly, Marcus Blassingame is stating that I, as he labels a
    “Weirdo, ” am still stalking him over small change. I have not initialed any contact with THE RAT
    since I filed the motion to cancel. How
    stupid would that be? I file a motion to
    kill the case so I did not have to waste any more time with it yet I would
    still continue to try and collect? The
    reality of the matter is that Marcus Blassingame is a thief and the facts of
    this case are easy to believe for anyone that knows him. He is still posting about this nearly five
    years later.

    When I initially posted an online complaint, at least 20
    people contacted me explaining that Marcus is a snake. Most of which were models, photographers, and
    bloggers. Also, two legitimate editors
    from magazines that apparently Marcus and BlackMen Magazine aspire to be
    like, contacted me as well. These
    editors explained that Marcus is a ### and most people of any significance
    will not work with him. These two
    editors have told me that BlackMen Magazine is a raggedy magazine that is
    stapled together and looks like it is organized by an elementary student. In any event, Marcus is a thief and he has no
    way to dispute the facts.

    Facts are facts. Five
    years later Marcus Blassingame and Charles Gardner are still trying to lie
    their way out of them. However, it is
    obvious that people believe these two to be thieves. Why else would they spend so much time
    formulating lies in hopes of convincing people they did not steal the
    money? On Sep 23, 2010 I filed a Motion
    to Cancel and on 9-29-2010 the judge granted the Motion. The cowards Marcus Blassingame and Charles
    Gardner did not have the courage to file a countersuit and sue for slander and
    they were too scared to show up to court.
    They simply told the court that they did not have the finances to attend
    the hearing.

    Apparently, nothing has changed over the past five
    years. Marcus Blassingame is still an
    old man with a boy’s mentality. His
    lies are not even good. For someone who
    works so hard at lying, you would think he could be a little more creative than
    saying I disappeared and that is why he stole the money. This old man is hilarious.

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