Marcs bar and grill / bullying and abuse

Used to go to this place and once I damagaed my head at worked stopped.
Bringing this up for all the acholoic people that they overdose people abulances called on a pretty much all nights multiple shootings and mollying in womans drinks both veronica george and me an then multiple drug dealing and as the bartenders sell out the woman at the bar and piconthe dj bullys ppl when they get drunk an then you decide to never go back and they all attack your life livly hood and then try and destory. My overall complaint is brandon aquafina started rumors woth only 5 dollars that I was a prostitute and as speaking to brooks tays brother. Also am not going to have reese collins spread rumors of both of meghan johnson and myself of giving him std as we were both clean. An has hospital records. In addition the girls there were problematic youbtake in kassandra stangle from that bar and she leaves you no rent money brings men over to my apartment and then walks out and says its not working and moves in with celeste. Overall protecting all customers i have to say marc and marcia need to have a repremand of there bar.

Jul 25, 2018

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