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Rob MARCEREAU is a lazy untrustworthy motorcycle accident attorney. He took my case almost a year ago and boosted all sorts of claims to me telling me he would get me money to buy a new motorcycle after I was tboned at a traffic intersection and the police report even stated the guy who hit me was totally at fault. He told me not to worry about my expenses when I complained to him that I was incurring considerable expense without having my own vehicle anymore. He never mentioned anything about the fact that I might not get all of what he was telling me I would. And turns of the guy only had $15k in liability so the lawyer is trying to pressure me into accepting the $15k, of which he is goig to take one-third and my medical bill alone is over $15k.

This guy will tell you whatever you want to hear over the phone to make himself look good but the will completely contradict himself if you make him write it down in an email for example.

I caught him on multiple occasions in which he did not even read the emails I was sending him and had to resend him documents and retell him facts multiple times. He even at one point flat out denied having told me something and I confronted him about it because I found a previous email where he had written it.

This guy is shady and crooked and is not looking out for anyone other than himself.

Apr 01, 2016

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