Marc Anthony Russorental scam in NYC

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We wanted to rent an flat in NY at 179 Essex Street NYC, NY 10002. We made a deposit by direct transfer into his american account. Even if we were debited of our money and we can trace the money, Marc Russo claims he never received it.
NEVER do business with Marc Anthony Russo, called Marc Russ

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  • Do
      Apr 13, 2009

    This guy is still out there frauding people. I want to point out that his latest ads on (as of 4/13/09) reference : Empire212rentals.

    Marc frauded us out of thousands of dollars - please steer clear of him, Abby Russo (his wife) and Sharelle Petty- their partner in crime.

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  • Go
      Apr 28, 2009

    Hello, just wanted to pass on this information as we have been scammed by Sharelle Petty as at 18 April 2009 : DO NOT RENT THIS APARTMENT : #199309 address: 249 Eldridge, East Village, NY10002 they also advertise on ...I have cell phone contact # [protected] which goes to answerphone and consequently is being ignored. email address I have is [protected] hope this helps somebody else...we will keep trying to get our security deposit back!

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  • Ab
      Jul 13, 2009

    I need to defend myself here. Hi. I am Abby Krenrich Russo. My soon to be ex husband used my name on our accounts and to sign emails. I had NO knowledge of the scamming my husband did through his "business". All i knew was that he had an apartment rental business, and needed to put things in my name, because of his 'debt'. I was naive enough to believe him. I am truly sorry for the scams he has caused to innocent people. My children and I have left him. I am destitute, living with a friend, trying to get a job but have been unsuccessful, and my name has been destroyed on the internet. I have no money and cannot help anyone whom he owes money to. This is just an attempt to clear my name, a bit. Please know that I had nothing to do with his scam. I have always been a law abiding, good person. I just fell for the wrong one.

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  • Ab
      Jul 20, 2009

    i've been advised that i should give the information that i have on my ex husband. i can tell you that he actually resides at 179 essex street, apartment 1, ny ny 10002. he still uses all of the email addresses/phone numbers you have for him, he just ignores the calls and emails that he doesn't want to deal with. he claimed, in open court, that he was employed at The Bean, a coffee shop at the corner of 1st ave and either 3rd or 4th street. i will help anyone in any way that i can, under the stipulation that you leave me and my children out of it. we, too, are innocent victims, and the consequences of me being implicated in this would be dire.

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  • Jb
      Sep 18, 2009

    i would like to know what happened to my apartment that he subletted from me last fall on 78 rivington street, saying it was for his wife and kids and never paid me rent and i had to surrender my lease and had to deal with my management company.
    i had to ignore all the legal proceedings, my rental company tried to take me to court over this, but because i have no money there was nothing i could do
    he owes me thousands of dollars. can't he go to jail for this?

    abby, if you really want to help people, can you please leave me your contact information so i can talk to you more about this

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  • Sp
      Sep 23, 2009

    Richard Tavai (Gooseberry6)... You and I both have proof that you got every dime of your deposit back (want another PayPal receipt?)...even after you caused problems in my apartment and caused me to have to hire someone to fix it. You cost me money, were nasty to deal with (in more ways than one, I have hired help that cleaned up after you)...and continued causing me problems even after you received your deposit back. I decided keeping part of it for my trouble and expense was not worth it.

    The other people here were not my clients...I did check ins for several apartment owners, when needed, at one time. I do not do this any more, partially because I cannot be personally involved when I do not know the situation.

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  • Go
      Nov 06, 2009

    Hello SP10 - This is Richard Tavai (Gooseberry6). Very interesting that you have waited quite a substantial time before submitting a reply (maybe you were hoping that I would not return to read your entry to see the total rubbish that you have written). No we did not leave your apartment in a mess, no we did not cause any damage -why would you make these accusations months later. For everyone out there who has been conned - I would like to report that I did get most of my bond back - It is an interesting story - After weeks of waiting to get our money back I was MAD - Lucky for me I had a contact number for Sharelle - (My wife who made the initial entry listed the number above). I rang this number a couple of hundred times every day - I was working nights so I would ring 1am 20 times 2am 20 times etc ringing and ringing until obviously Sharelle would get sick of me and turn the mobile off (a couple of times I got an answer but she would hang up on me) - I would also leave long silent messages. I did this for over 2 weeks (yes 2 weeks - yes I'm a bit crazy but I wanted some payback). Obviously this number was important and could not be cancelled - after over 2 weeks a call was answered "Hello Sharelle this is Richard and I would like my money back please" answer - "If you looked at your [censored] email you would see that I have just sent it" me - "Thank you". LOL LOL JOY JOY JOY - never felt so good before, after being cursed like that. Go to paypal account - hmm why is not my full deposit there - I see - they have deducted amounts so I pay for both paypal trasaction costs - ohh well. This has become a bit of a story now that we tell friends for a good laugh. I hope most people will see this and other entries on the internet and stay away - for those that get scammed maybe this entry will help you - or at least rasie your spirits. I still find it hard to fathom why some people resort to these tactics to make money. It has been a big lesson for us and intially scared us off from booking private apartments - but we are back on track and have dealt with some very nice and professional people. Yes there are some good eggs out there :).

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  • Sp
      Nov 07, 2009

    Richard...I did not see your comment for months, I do not hang out on these websites.

    I had a plumber tell me that you caused much of the problem...he even had to explain to you that you could not over stuff the toilet like that. I was told that you even complained about American toilets. I paid to have it fixed and for the clean up.

    Your wife called me every few minutes and interupted me finding a plumber...several times, I finally had to tell her to please stop. I had to call about 20 or so people to find someone that could just stop right then and help. Getting a plumber for a small job with no notice is not easy.

    As you know...I was away when you were screaming about your deposit. I did return it when I came back, and you still complained.
    Nothing personal...but you were not so easy to deal with.

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  • Go
      Nov 07, 2009

    SP10 - Who I'm guessing is Sharelle. Your story telling is amazing. I will have to ask my wife sometime how she managed to do all you mention when she did not come to NY. Also I think I can assure you that after 8 years of living in America we are well aware of what an American Bathroom looks like - in fact - oh my gosh - the toilets are just like the ones from home. Not only do you need to operate an honest business but you also need to get your facts right. Obviously you get so many complaints - you don't even know who complained about what.

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  • Sp
      Nov 26, 2009

    Dear All
    I was also scammed by this people. they change emails constantly, so it is difficult to follow up where are day.
    I am from Spain and I could not do anything. they got 1.200 euros and run!
    They were Sharellle and Marc Anthony russo.

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  • Sp
      Nov 29, 2009

    Richard...I was not there, but your wife (or someone calling me saying she was your wife) insisted she had to go downstairs to use the bathroom and I had paid help who told me the rest. Say what you want...I busted my butt to help you when you had a problem. If your wife was not there, she lied. Not sure why she would lie about something so pointless, but that makes no difference at all.

    You are the only person on this forum who was my client...

    I unfortunately did check ins for others and I was ignorant enough about them to use my real name, which they gave to their clients... never imagining what was happening when I did it. The clients did not pay me for the apartments they did not get, they paid the person I did the contract work for. That is easily verified by them. I got screwed coming and going on those, all the hassle and none of the profit.

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  • Br
      Jan 15, 2010

    Marc is a scamming loser piece of TRASH! He "rents" his apartment at 11 Stuyvesant Oval, apartment 2H, and is scamming people and has done it for a while. He uses fake names, changes numbers and emails, and over books his apartment. He takes the highest payer & ignores the rest. He scammed $1, 029.00 deposit from me. We’re coming up there for a short vacation for my daughters 16th birthday and now have to find another place to rent. I think someone needs to do something about this guy. We found out from investigating on the internet and phone calls that he’s done this many times and has been taken to small claims court and still never pays anybody back. How is this allowed to go on? Only in America!

    Below is his information;

    Marc Anthony Russo
    Alias: Neal Krammer also, which is his ex father-in-law.

    Supposedly his address is or was 179 Essex St., Apt 1.
    [protected] is a number that is for Richard Sullivan. He works for Marc, letting people in the apartment and giving them the keys, etc. He won’t answer the phone anymore.

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  • Be
      Dec 16, 2010

    Randomly enough, I would like to chime in here. I had my own dealings with Sharelle Petty back in the 1990s when I purchased a sphynx cat from her. She lived in Alvin, TX at the time. The cat was taken to the vet after I picked it up (as agreed upon and is standard practice to all catteries) to be checked out. It had a spot on its back near the tail that looked raw and she claimed it was just a scratch. It had ringworm. She denied having a ringworm issue in her cattery and delayed any action. Then Sharelle agreed to pay for the vet bills and then didn't. She questioned the medicine prescribed, and then went on to later say that I should not have purchased it because she had some on hand in her cattery (why did she have ringworm medicine if there was no ringworm problem in her cattery? and why would I take meds from her when she is not a vet and we had agreed to go to the vet and go with his recommendations?). Even sending me sob story emails about her husband was leaving her and her kids and she didn't know how she was going to live, etc. The huge fabricated stories you are all reporting is no surprise to me. She was also supposedly running an equine rescue group at the time (which I see is still registered to her as a non profit even though she is now living in NYC). The cat ended up having a congenital heart defect (which is extremely rare and not typical for this breed. vets have told me it was due to bad breeding). It had a tough life, cost me a lot of money but more importantly heartache. It died at age 5 and broke my heart. She scammed many other people selling them sick cats and not copping to it after the fact. It appears she's just moved on to a new scam (which at least does not involve animal cruelty). The fact that an animal rescue group is linked with her is true irony. I am sorry for anyone who has to deal with this dishonest opportunistic woman.

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  • Th
      Dec 17, 2010

    Marc Anthony Vincent Russo continues to live at 653 East 14th Street Apartment 6C and continues to run his apartment rental scam from there. He has a pitbull living in the bathtub at that apartment. He is being kept by my NYC school teacher exwife. When I cheated on her with a younger woman her self esteem fell so low that he seemed like a catch. Do I ever regret making that mistake. He no longer has the blue BMW he now drives my ex-wife's silver suv. Richard Sullivan is a fake person. He uses a herion addict in stuy town to show the apartments and also his friend that lives in the local public housing. My name is Thomas and I can be reached at [protected] or [protected] if anyone needs any further details.

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  • Ab
      Feb 13, 2011

    neal krammer is not marc's ex father in law, it is a name he made up. richard sullivan is a real person, he is marc's nephew.
    i can't believe he is still doing this, i just happened to have googled my name and this came up again. he has claimed to me since i left him in february 09 that he no longer has his apartment rental 'business'. it is still the case that i have no knowledge what so ever about whatever he does; he has visitation with our daughters every other weekend, i dont know what he does with his time besides that.

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  • Cd
      Sep 01, 2011

    i am searching for a vacation rental for the first time on craigslist and came across an add for 241 Central Park W, 2 bedroom. the response from my inquiry came back from a mark anthony from a rocketmail account. it was short and did not answer any of my questions. i will see what his response is but i am really hoping this is not the same mark anthony because i don't have the time to waste.
    thank you all for your warnings!

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  • 1j
      Jan 13, 2014

    I have also been scammed by Marc Russo, when I rented an apartment in Esset Street a few years ago. Just wanted to make sure this page is the first result when someone searches him on Google.

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  • Ph
      Feb 01, 2016

    marc anthony russo and sharelle petty "sublet" my apartment from me in the East Village quite some time ago and refused to leave, causing me to lose my lease. During this time he rented it out as a short term vacation rental. He was violent and threatening and Sharelle plays good cop in the scam, but is equally dishonest. I also met this Richard guy who seemed to know what was up but played dumb.

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