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Manufacturers in China / Rip off

1 United States

I have been working with Gene Garrett ( for almost 4 years to produce my product and the last year have received nothing but the run-around from him. He has my money...I still have no product. Additionally, I have been told he no longer lives in the US but in Indonesia.

To make a long story short, having worked with the manufacturer and made several changes, I believed the sample was finalized & ready to go into production. However, then I was told that because of all my changes (which he was aware of & even told me to make so that I would be happy with the product) he could not find a manufacturer to produce my product, then I was told they would produce my product only if I pay an additional $4, 000 until finally, I was told that I will need to totally redesign my product because 50% of it will be rejected in production because of the outside material which has been the same for the whole 3+ years and which the manufacturer initially provided and there was never an issue with it before.

I am very frustrated in dealing with Gene Garrett. For a full year in 2008, I have had to constantly pursue him for responses & I had been given excuse after excuse as to why they werent producing my product and has been very unresponsive. Finally, due to the issues with the outside material, he said as a last resort he was going to meet with another manufacturer to solve that problem on 1/31, but after that date he never mentioned that meeting again or even tried to contact me to let me know how the meeting went. Back in November on the phone, he said he would try this one last resort & if that didnt work, we would discuss a refund of my money, but when I sent an email requesting the refund, he said to check his contract, no refunds.

Dealing with Mr. Garrett has been one of the biggest mistakes Ive made & I want to issue a complaint warning others about his services.


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