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Manor Lake Labradoodles


Problems with puppy

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Manor Lake Labradoodles
United States
My puppy was underweight and sick with breathing problems and diarrhea when i got it. It acted like it wasn't even used to being held and petted. I don't think she put any thought into what i wanted when she picked this puppy for me because it's nothing like i what i asked for. When i tried to talk to her about it she acted like the problems were my fault. Now i'm out $2500 and i have a dog with issues.
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N  20th of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
I cannot believe someone would actually pay $2500 for a dog...
N  21st of Oct, 2011 by    -3 Votes
This does not relate to these people, but I don't care -

There are NO full grown 1 and 1/2 pound Maltese

N  14th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Well I have had nothing but a positive experience we Manor Lake Doodles. Kim has done her homework and has produced Top Notch dogs. In fact I'm getting another this week which will make 3. As far as getting a sick dog from Manor Lake, I'm have a hard time believing that. There are a top notch breeder of the best doodles out there. $2, 500.00? to much to pay for a dog.I'll gladly pay and I swing a hammer for a living. Bill Finley Bellingham WA.
A  13th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Our puppy had a congenital structural defect that will require expensive surgery and months of confinement. Should not happen with a dog of this price and breeding. I contacted the breeder about it and didn't even get the courtesy of a reply.

In addition, I know of two other families with troubles. One with a heart defect and one with lasting giardia.
N  4th of Mar, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Disappointed and Dismayed Oh my, same thing is going on with my puppy! Got her from manor lake with diarrhea and within 4 days he started vomiting and when I took him to ER we found out he had Giardia! Omg omg! And we are having a horrible experience too!
N  13th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes

Manor Lake Labradoodles - quality
Lynden or Bellingham
United States

Puppy had a congenital structural defect that will require expensive surgery and months of confinement. SHould not happen with a dog of this price and breeding. I contacted the breeder about it and didn't even get the courtesy of a reply.

In addition, I know of two other families with troubles. One with a heart defect and one with lasting giardia.
N  8th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
A lot of dogs today that we know as pure breed were mixed from different breeds a long time ago. Took them a while to be recognized and be accepted as a pure breed. Manor Lake are top notch and I find it hard to believe your story. I will forward this to Melissa.
D  9th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle are the best!! For you to say they never reply back is BS, because Kim, Melissa, Erin etc always reply back very quickly. For all I know you could be another breeder trying to give Manor Lake a bad reputation telling lies. Check the BBB.org and they got an A- rating. There were 3 complaints on BBB.org and Manor Lake took care of all the customers.
D  10th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Let's see pictures of your Manor Lake contract and pictures of your puppy once you got it. Upload it!!
N  26th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
What kind of a breeder demands a deposit before letting you see the parent dogs? Sketchy. Thumbs down for Manor Lake.
A  19th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Unfortunately, I have to agree with this complaint and have similar issues myself. I wish that I had seen this post before purchasing a puppy from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles. Our puppy too was significantly underweight, had Giardia and Coccidia parasites, kennel cough and quickly developed pnemonia. The breeder has largely been unresponsive to our complaints, and we are out hundreds of dollars for expensive vet bills.
N  19th of Feb, 2013 by    -4 Votes
Good, you deserve every bit of misery you 'll get for buying a poor innocent designer animal from a puppy mill. This is just KARMA at work. There are plenty of a animals in shelters that need a good home. I just hope you are one of the heartless, gutless, vile excuse of a human being that will dump your laberdoodle into the shelter when it's no longer a cute puppy.

You have no right to ###
A  9th of Mar, 2013 by    +2 Votes
For me to complain says something (I have ever returned food at a restaurant or not tipped at least 20% despite having awful service or even food in my hair).

We purchased our puppy 1 year ago and now that things are finally getting better with her we are happy we have her but every complaint on this board I can attest to. In order of how things played out:

1. Requested to see the parents of the future puppies (they weren't born yet) of the litter we saw advertised on their website, our request was denied because 'the timing of our suggested meetings didn't work for them" (we offered to be available 4 straight weekends and even offered to drive up from Seattle any week night that worked for them, so basically we said we are open to come up any day or time in this 4 week period). In fear of not getting one of the dogs we so badly wanted we moved forward with the deposit on the premise we would get to see the parents once we paid.

2. Once we made the deposit we still were denied access to come see the parents. By this time the puppies had been born and so we began asking if we could come see the puppies and the exact same thing happened, they said that Kim was traveling and they (Erin) wasn't able to show them if she wasn't there.

3. Finally when we became so frustrated and fearful something was going on we ended up two different times driving up to Skagit Valley to visit my parents who live there and called and said "we are coming up and we will be there in 30 minutes to see our puppy. Erin said she needed to call Kim and they would call me back in 5 minutes to double check Kim was available. Erin NEVER called me back and when I called back 15 minutes later (I proceeded to call multiple times after for the next hour) she never picked up. Both times I got a call back the next day saying that an emergency had happened and they were very sorry.

4. We never got to see our puppy until we met a man (younger guy) in a suburban at the North Gate Mall in North Seattle. The truck was full of puppies from the same litter as our puppy and he was driving to the airport to ship the other puppies to other owners who bought them out of the state. He was very nice and helpful.

5. When we got our puppy home she shook all night and when we picked her up she too appeared to have had very little human interaction. For 3 straight weeks when our puppy was put in the craight she cried and howled. Kim had told us that the puppies would have already started craight training and we feel like that may not have been the case.

6. On our first vet visit the vet did it's normal check up and we found that the dog had giradia. This test was done very close to the test that Kim had done with her vet which came back as clear. When we called Kim and FINALLY got a hold of her because I still had her cell phone number and I called her on that (they weren't returning my calls on the other number nor responded via email) she suggested that because I lived in Seattle I probably took my dog to the dog park which I never did and still never have. I didn't put the blame on her I just wanted advice and wanted to talk to her about it and she immediately went on the defense as if this was something she had done before (it was very scripted).

7. We began treatment for the giardia. The first round didn't take so they changed the drug to a different one and did a second round. That round didn't take either and they extended the more potent dosage and increased the volume. Still didn't take! The vet said they had never not cured it with this amount and length of treatment and suggested we wait 3 months before trying again for the puppy's health. We tried the fourth round and still didn't cure it.

8. Frustrated we went to another vet and the other vet immediately upon seeing our puppy showed great concern and ordered a series of tests that had to be sent to the WSU Vet school (EXPENSIVE!) The vet received the test results back and said that the prolonged giardia was stunting her growth and her weight and they ended up having to give more drugs for her liver. A year into her life and THOUSANDS of dollars, the dog finally has kicked the giardia. In returning to the vet recently he asked I bring all of the original vet documents and he noticed that Kim's vet had identified my dog as a golden retriever!?!? Did I get the wrong dog or did Kim give me a clean bill of health for a different dog by doctoring the paperwork to an unknowing first time dog owner?

In hindsight there were a TON of red flags that I just ignored because we wanted a puppy so badly and we just assumed that paying $2500 there would be no way we would be tricked. We figured there was no way other people were paying this much too if she had a bad reputation. Boy were we wrong.

We love our puppy and she is perfect now but BUYER BEWARE!!

Finally, Buddha19..no one who is complaining is lying nor am I. My guess is Kim used to be an amazing (probably the best) breeder out there but she has got too big and greedy. She needs to slow down, care about the dogs and the owners, and stop living in a mansion if this is the means of paying for it and the money is all she cares about. If you want to talk to me or other people who have been tricked by Kim go to the labradoodle meetup group at Magnuson Park in Seattle (we meet about once a month). I welcome and suggest everyone considering buying one of her dogs to first go to the meetup group http://www.meetup.com/labradoodle-134/ and ask everyone where they got their dog and what they think about their breeder. I will be there with the tiny labradoodle that is apricot colored.
N  15th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
Here at Manor Lake, we work hard to bring loving homes together with our puppies, who truly are our pride and joy and great passion in life. First and foremost, we are happy to address any concerns a family has and want nothing more than to make our families happy. ApricotLabradoodles, we’d love to talk with you still so please e-mail with any further concerns.

We do have a visitation policy of scheduling during our normal business hours Monday-Friday. As you mentioned you had been trying to see us on weekends and weeknights, this is why the timing wasn't lining up for you.

A new puppy is going to have a transitional period into his or her new home. Our puppies are raised by us in our homes and they are accustomed to their surroundings, ourselves, and their mother and puppy siblings as well as other puppy friends they meet in their time here. We do crate train prior to a puppy’s departure but it is still completely normal for a puppy to be stressed or upset during its first few nights, specifically in its crate. Your puppy probably missed what she perceived as home. We typically say our puppies take about a week to settle into its new home and there is information regarding this transition that we include both on our website and the packet we give you with your puppy. Every puppy is different and we are happy to give tips along the way if you feel your puppy is having a harder time settling in.

Giardia is a very common puppy parasite, it lives in the dirt and the grass, anywhere there is moisture really. We do pretreat and take our puppies to the vet; however since we do let our puppies play outside when the weather allows it, there is a risk. We feel like the benefits of a well socialized dog outweigh the cons of a potential exposure. We do everything we can to make sure your puppy comes home healthy and all of our puppies are seen by our vet one day before going to their new homes to obtain a clean bill of health. Per our health guarantee, if something is to come up we are happy to talk with you about it and take care of any additional costs. Some vets are also better than others at treating, and we’re happy to give our two cents on treatment methods. Keep in mind, your puppy can come into contact with giardia anytime it comes into contact with a moist area outside in your home too, which is why it’s so common!

Regarding your paperwork, the vet does not have a designation in their system for the “Australian Labradoodle” since it is a hybrid breed. The paperwork should have had a microchip number included which is your puppy’s identification and if you had any questions we would have been more than happy to put you in contact with the vet directly that saw your puppy and scanned your puppy’s microchip.

We do work very hard to maintain a degree of excellence in breeding this amazing breed that we’ve invested so much of ourselves into. Dog breeding and raising puppies is not an exact science, but with open communication we hope to resolve any problem that could potentially come up. It is our goal, and an often met one at that, to have this be a very smooth and happy process. We keep our website, blog, and Facebook up to date with testimonials. Families often love posting pictures of their puppies growing up and we are always happy to see our puppies, at every stage of their lives with their new homes.
A  28th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
We too just recently bought and shipped a puppy from Manor Lake. When he arrived I couldn't believe how tiny he was, I didn't think he could possibly be our puppy. I took him to the vet within 24 hrs of getting him, and he too had Cossidia. We began treatment for the next 10 days, but he still had very soft mushy stools and he also starting sneezing a coughing the day after he arrived. The vet then treated him for 5 days with antibiotics to regulate his gut... But no luck still mushy stools. While surfing around on the net last night I stumbled across this blog... Wish I had seen it prior to spending all that $$$ on what appears to be a very pricey puppy mill. So I scooped up some fresh poop and marched into the vet today and asked if they could check his stool for Giardia... Sure enough, my puppy too has that as well as what appears to be either kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection. Thank God we saved our little guy from what appears to be rotten conditions - we truly love our little puppy -- but this is outrageous, and so disappointing.
D  2nd of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
We have bought 6 Labradoodles from Manor Lake and I cannot say enough good things about them. All 6 have arrived on the East Coast in excellent condition. We have 4 of them and our son and daughter each have one. We had all of them checked by our Vet within a few days of receiving them and their health was excellent as well. We have be in touch with Kim since regarding an accident one of ours had (she is fine now) and Kim was nothing but helpful and concerned. Phone calls have always been answered promptly. I cannot say enough good things about Manor Lake and have recommended them to several of our friends.
N  3rd of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
We also have a puppy from Manor Lake Labradoodles, and we love him and are very glad we have him, but - I would buy from someone else next time. This is probably the only dog we will ever have and our kids were very excited about getting a puppy but like other purchasers we were unable to arrange a visit and view parent dogs. Not only were visits unable evenings and weekends (which perhaps could be mentioned on their website, as most breeders seem to allow visits then), but the several mondays we inquired about and one or two Wednesdays also 'weren't good times'. When we did come to pick our puppy up (the only time it worked for us to come that wasn't too inconvenient for the breeder), we were told the mother was somewhere else, so the only dog we saw was our puppy. He also came with giardia resistent to treatment.
D  8th of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I did extensive research before choosing Manor Lake. Every email and phone call was returned within 24 hours. I felt that if you coudn't trust the vice president of ALAA who are you suppose to trust .In addition Manor Lakes has received many distinguished awards. I was sent all of the temperament testing results and felt that the puppy chosen for us matched up with our needs. From the moment he arrived at Ohare Airport he has been a pleasure, exceeding our expectations. I called as soon as he arrived which is what they requested. I have been in touch with them periodically and heard back expediently. Both my vet and groomer are so impressed with this dog that they both passed along Manor Lake as a top breeder for this kind of dog.
N  13th of Sep, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Everything people saying on this board is correct. The dogs are beautiful, and wonderful and well tempered... That is all true. But when paying $2, 500 for a puppy the puppy should arrive healthy. Yes it's possible for puppies to get parasites. But these puppies that are coming from them with horrible strains of drug resistant Giardia - That's crazy. There is too much Giardia all coming from the same location. With all the money taken in per litter there needs to be cleaner water that these puppies should be getting.
All the drugs I'm giving to my puppy - there will be a chance of liver damage and other long time issues. We have had our sweet pup for 4 months - and he has been on some type of anti parasite med most of the time he has been with us. He cannot have play dates with other dogs, be walked where other dogs are or go to a dog park... It's crazy & very very disappointing.
N  16th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
we purchased our doodle in sept 2011 she has been healthy happy and a wonderfull addition to our home... Manor lake was responsive and helpfull . we are condiering a second ... yes they are pricy we ahve 2 friends who laso have dogs from this breeder, same experience the dogs are great, smart, good with kids, they don't smell, don't shed

N  4th of Mar, 2014 by    +1 Votes
We have commented above as well but would like to add that we do have our puppies getting a fecal report ran just the day before travel to assure they do not have giardia when leaving us here. We also provide insurance for the first 30 days of your puppy's time home with you. Of course we understand concerns and we're happy to chat to answer any questions as well! Our e-mail is kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com and our phone number is 360-303-0497 and 360-594-1302.

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