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The case of an Adulterous Swim coach from the USA...

Manoj Abeysinghe has talented sons who swim quite well. No doubt of that. The problem is that none of them are fast enough to swim for team USA where they are born and had no chance of representing the USA. So what to do now?

Manoj Abeysinghe had a great idea. Manoj brings them here to Sri Lanka and starts a swim school knowing that they can easily beat the locals as they were trained overseas by US experts and hence have good times.

So his kids win local events and he starts to poach the best local talent from other swim schools to bolster his squad. Gullible Lankan parents see the success of Manoj's sons in beating the local and regional swimmers and part with hard earned cash hoping to emulate this. No chance.

And btw its not cheap to join Killer Whale believe me. They have so many levels before you can reach squad and even then squad has many sub levels. The top level is of course free for swimmers (his sons and poached local star swimmers). Everyone else pays through their nose to essentially fund Manoj and his kids hoping longingly for similar success which of course will never happen as our friend Manoj didn't really train his sons, Swim America coaches in the US did that for him. So truth is he doesn't know how to improve performance at all. His real luck was having talented sons who were trained overseas by better coaches.

Little do the other parents realise that this is all part of Manoj's great plan. He knows the only real success will ever be his sons who were coached in the US. So in that sense Killer Whale is a nice little scam to give Manoj money and fame. Free swimming facilities for his sons in exchange for an unachievable dream of success for all the other fee payers.

One final point Manoj Abeysinghe likes to make out to be an exemplary character with high standards. But did you know he is currently sleeping with one of his squad swimmers mother? Yes indeed. For over a year now this has been going on under the very nose of the other parents. The mother in question is still married. Manoj is still married to Laura. This ladies son swims at Killer whale under Manoj and gets free lessons of course. Unethical to say the least. So just a suggestion maybe the other mothers would like to sleep with Manoj in exchange for free membership to KWA. Maybe some of them already do. Im sure Manoj wouldnt mind no?

Adultery is against gods will. So how can you or I trust a man like this to teach our kids any decency or values let alone trust them in his care? He is a scam artist who is lucky enough to live off the talents of his kids. Beware of Manoj Abeysinghe and Killer Whale phone: [protected] for info.

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Manoj Abeysinghe
Manoj Abeysinghe

Apr 28, 2017
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  • An
      Jun 04, 2017

    Excuse me, but please stop for a second to understand what it is that you are talking about before you write such crude and revolting comments about such a respectable man.

    Manoj Abeysinghe is one of the most hardworking coaches I have ever met. He puts an enormous amount of thought, effort and care into his swimmers’ well-beings and careers, and he takes outstanding care of every single one of them. Every single swimmer in the team has immense amounts of respect, and gratitude to be able to have such a dedicated coach. Anybody who knows Manoj will know that he does not do what he does for the money. His intentions are the purest as they can be - he coaches out of passion and love for the sport, as well as helping Sri Lanka join the international world of swimming. He goes out of his way to help his swimmers in times of need, and is a genuine coach.

    Manoj has pushed Sri Lanka swimming to new heights.

    Yes, the Abeysinghe children have achieved sensational things for Sri Lanka. Why, I might ask, are you viewing that as a bad thing? They are boosting Sri Lanka swimming, bringing it to the international arena, and breaking previous barriers for Sri Lanka. They are encouraging and inspiring the younger generation of swimmers in the rapid development of Sri Lanka swimming.

    Growing up in another country does not mean you will magically become an amazing swimmer for the rest of your life. Improvement in swimming takes work, dedication, correct coaching. The Abeysinghe brothers have lived in Sri Lanka for a number of years and have coached under their father the entire time. They have achieved the astonishing things that they have through the same pain, sweat, and vomit that we all undergo in pursuit of our goals. Manoj has encouraged and pushed all of his swimmers and supported them all equally. Your argument has no foundation. He has produced numerous swimmers brought up in Sri Lanka under his guidance that are national and international team members, and national record holders.
    You think the Abeysinghes are better because they grew up abroad? You want to be as good as them? Work as hard as they do. And good luck with that.

    When talking about payment, your claims are completely baseless and incorrect. I’d suggest you get your facts straight before trying to publish such heinous and baseless claims.
    As for Manoj’s personal life, what happens in his life, is absolutely none of your business, nor mine, nor anybody’s. What matters is the tremendous contributions he has lent, and still is lending to our country, and how he, along with other Sri Lankan coaches, have helped Sri Lanka swimming flourish.

    To be frank, it greatly saddens me that you have the audacity to come and publish such atrocious things with such confidence and pride.

    I genuinely hope you will be rid of your resentment so you can clear your path and see the truth.

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  • La
      Jun 06, 2017

    How can this be considered a legitimate complaint? The person writing is not siting specific complaints, just their personal feelings. Also my family has proven themselves to be caring, talented individuals along with being the most talented swimmers since Sri Lankan Swimming's inception.. If your child didn't excel at swimming I'm sorry, but there is no substance to your words. All of the team KWA has excelled. We have won numerous championship titles for male and female swimmers over the past 7 years; this would include overall team awards. My sons have broken more records then have been set by any one male swimmer. The children who are hardworking, dedicated and have talent will excel more than others, this is fact, but to say no one excels is a blanket statement. Also it should be noted that my children have been coached solely by their father Manoj Abeysinghe for the past 7 years.
    Fees are in line with the most elite teams in Sri Lanka. Parents are free to enroll their children on any team they choose. One would hope that parents choose wisely and stay within their own budgets. Finally my family's personal business is just that, our personal business. To speak of my family is unwise on your part. So as you do not identify yourself I will assume as should others that you have no personal knowledge of what happens in our private lives! hence you must be doing this for the benefit of others. People who read this should come to their own conclusions about who stands to benefit from discrediting the swimming program that has revolutionized swimming in Sri Lanka since its inception in 2010. My recommendation is that if you have a legitimate complaint you speak directly with the Head Coach Manoj Abeysinghe or some other coach who might assist you. Good Day Laura Abeysinghe

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