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Dr E Frantzis is a predator. His LinkedIn profile fails to list all the women he has violated. His Olympic volleyball designation should be revoked.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Toronto, OHDr Manny Frantzis is an osteopath who practices illegal examinations in Canada ie digital anal exams as a guise for his own sexual gratification. If his Greek community knew or even his unsuspecting wife. He has a Yorkville practice strategically placed to pray on wealthy desperate women.

Mar 06, 2015
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  • Gc
      Mar 11, 2015
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    This is absolutely absurd, malicious slander. I am a highly active athlete and a patient of Dr. Frantzis; I always recommend all my friends and acquaintances to visit him for treatments. He is very knowledgeable in his practice and works miracles on my injuries. Dr. E Frantzis’ conduct has always been strictly professional. He has successfully treated my injuries and chronic problem areas, which no other practitioner, from GP’s to Physiotherapists, has been able to subdue. As an athlete, I am always in need of therapy and I have not found a better doctor than Dr. E Frantzis. I highly recommend him.

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  • St
      Mar 20, 2015

    I and my whole extended family have been seeing Dr. Frantzis for over 10 years. This complain is a baseless attack on an excellent health-care professional who has helped so many people, both men and women. With his skill and knowledge, he's been able to address even the most challenging physical issues that have not been able to be addressed by other health-care professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Frantzis

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  • Mo
      Apr 17, 2015

    This complaint about Manny Frantzis is absurd. He is professional and respectful towards his patients. My husband and I see Dr. Frantzis and know his work to be superb. I have recommended him to my niece and other family members. I know they are in safe hands when in his care.

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  • Am
      Apr 30, 2015

    The complaint against Dr Frantzis is malicious, unfounded and suspect of an agenda.
    I have, along with many I know, been a patient for many years. Dr Frantzis is a leading professional at the top of his field. His reputation within the health industry and public is exemplary. I highly recommend Dr Frantzis.

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  • Sk
      Jul 09, 2015

    This complaint is absolutely absurd, I have been a patient of Dr Frantzis for 7 years and never once have I ever felt uncomfortable during a treatment. He is always professional and respectful towards his patients and I would never think otherwise. I have referred many athletes like myself to him all of which are incredibly happy with his treatments. Like so many of the comments before me he has treated many of my difficult injuries that many other therapists could not. I will continue to recommend Dr. Frantzis to anyone I feel could use the benefits of his knowledge.

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  • Gr
      Jul 09, 2015

    This complaint is a huge LIE! Anyone who has worked with or ever met Dr Frantzis can verify the complaint is ridiculous. The complainer is most likely a internet extortionist.

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  • Pu
      Aug 13, 2015

    Sorry folks. Not a lie. I agree he is an excellent practitioner and a very very intelligent man. However, like most predators he leads a double life. I know first hand and through third parties that this has been happening for many happened to me while in his office on Scollard.

    Believe me or don't, I don't really care. The intent is to warn other women.

    I imagine you all believe Bill Cosby as well, how sad.

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  • Em
      Aug 19, 2015

    To the cyber bully who posted this completely false complaint, first of all an FYI... Toronto is in Ontario, not Ohio.
    This complaint is completely false and unfounded. I have been a patient of Dr. Frantzis since 2002. I can attest to the fact that not only is he a skilled professional, but a very decent human being . I have referred my family and many of my friends to him as well and he has treated them successfully and with the utmost respect. It's a shame that he is being maligned like this. However, his patients know this complaint is a complete fabrication and they will continue to be treated by him and recommend him to others.

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  • Jt
      Aug 19, 2015

    I have been a patient of Dr Frantzis since early 2003. I have referred friends, family, business associates, and athletes to Dr. Frantzis and the one thing I've heard from everyone is how incredible their recovery went after seeing Dr Frantzis. This accusation is utterly false. I know Dr Frantzis to be an honourable man who takes his work very seriously. If you have an injury no one else can fix this is the man to see.

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  • Pu
      Aug 21, 2015

    To emm54,

    If you were proficient on posting you would realize that certain sites, like this one, auto fill, because they are American based, with American preloads sounds like states in lieu of the province, Ohio was the closest to Ontario.

    Certainly I am aware that Toronto is in, ohhhh Ontario.

    Manny is not honourable. Likely why he had to move his office from Scollard...Dr Waxman probably started to clue in.

    People, ask yourselves this, why would I post here as opposed to going to his college. I have no agenda, especially not a financial one, shame on you that suggested that.

    How many of you have enjoyed treatments seconds after he wolfed down his tuna sandwich...that sounds stupid and petty but at the rates he charges please show some respect Manny, wash your hands.

    Hows this...Moms and dads who have responded who have daughters, lets say late teens, send them in for a treatment or two or three or four. If you have no concerns regarding this post then post your childs instinctual revulsion to this man...Manny always delivers.

    Anyway Im not here to argue...I know the horrible things he has done to many women...worship him if you please, just know that you feed the ego of a very sick man.

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  • Sj
      Aug 21, 2015

    I've also heard from other women that this is in fact true.

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  • Sj
      Aug 23, 2015

    If you truly feel that you were sexually abused, then you need to report this to the Chiropractic College. It's not about monetary gain either. You would be reporting him so the College is aware of what he has done and can investigate this further. Obviously you felt violated by this doctor by making this claim, however the only way you can help yourself is to report it and seek professional help in order for you to move on from this experience. If this actually happened and you don't have any hidden agenda, then the best route for you is to report him and not argue or try to convince people on this thread that he is a predator. No sense in that as he does have a lot of supporters and patients that love him. So if you truly feel that you were in fact abused by this Dr., then the right thing to do would be to report him to Chiropractic College. There is no sense in you continuing to post any further comments. Either you are not reporting this because you are afraid or you have fabricated this story. If you want to help others, then reporting him would do just that and you need to what's right.

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  • Ed
      Dec 20, 2015

    The complaint against Dr Emmanuel (Manny) Frantzis is malicious, unfounded and truly suspect of another agenda. As a Health Care Professional who has not only referred my own challenged patients to Manny but also had the opportunity over the years to become close friends of his. I can attest with the others that Dr Frantzis is the consummate professional on every level. I consider Dr. Francis to be one of the leading manual practionaries in Canada. I would recommend that if you felt this strongly about Dr Frantzis, that instead of using this forum and continuing with these slanderous allegations, you should lodge a formal complaint to the College of Chiropractic Medicine.

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  • In
      Sep 11, 2016

    The person who has made these allegations needs to come clean. Dr. Frantzis is an outstanding Osteopath, family man and all around good guy. Putting garbage out like this is what's wrong with the internet.

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  • Jo
      Jun 21, 2017

    If the complaint is true it should be documented and reported to the police, not just the college. Was that done?

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  • Pa
      Jul 10, 2018

    I was a patient of Dr Frantzis's for many years and I can say that with me he was the consummate professional, expert at his craft, thoughtful, kind, and in fact a true healer, meaning he has an instinct for the art of healing that goes beyond professional training. I always felt he was extremely caring of his patients. I referred many people to him over the years, and never heard back a negative response. I could care less if he "wolfs down a tuna sandwich" before treating me, and that is not a basis for a sexual impropriety complaint. My understanding on digital anal entry is that this is how manipulation of the coccyx is done for treatment: I have no doubt Dr Frantzis would explain that to patients and ask for their consent.

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  • Cg
      Nov 08, 2019

    wow reading this is an absolute shock, he treated all my daughters who are now adults - from the time they were babies and going in on their own in late teens to early twenties, he has two daughters himself and as an aside, he doesn't eat Tuna sandwiches as he does not eat grain - so clearly these criticisms have something to do with a personal issues more than someone who has visited his practice as a regular patient ...if anyone got so far as to have an adjustment done in that area, it must have been consensual - clearly no one can penetrate that area without consent - it was obviously a tail bone adjustment "Internal coccyx adjustments by manipulation" that some poor woman decided to make a crazy story around

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