Mann Bracken/ NCO Portfolio / Not served summons and Double Billing

1 VA, United States

Mann Bracken for NCO Portfolio took me to court without my knowledge (NEVER SERVED) in 2005 and a judgement was issued against me for $994. The original debt was a Cross Country Bank CC for $250 in which I applied for one month before my 18th birthday in 2000.

I admit I was irresponsible by applying for it so young and then giving the card to my first real boyfriend. I only made 1 payment of $70 while I still had the card and thought the rest of the card was paid off by him as promised (idiot move).

I had no clue about the rest of any of this happened until I recently pulled my credit report in order to consolidate my student loans and know what I was dealing with exactly. I never applied for anything else since 2000 not even when I purchased my car. Now I got a correspondence in the mail from NCO, they are trying to collect on that same Credit Card in the amount of $1, 183.50. If they (Mann Bracken/NCO Portfolio) already submitted the debt to go to court via Man Bracken can they collect twice and if I settle with them for this amount they are offering….who will take this judgement off of my credit ASAP?


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