Manheim Riverside Marketing - Consumer Rewards Program / Fraud

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I received a letter dated March 31, 2010 claiming to be an award claim notification. It stated it was a final notice, that I had a "prize award" of $8, 000, had an enclosed checked for the amount of $987.79, and said I needed to contact the Claims Agent for further instructions. It also stated that I would need to pay tax and a fee before I could receive a lump sum payment. However, the letter and check looked like it had been printed from a home printer. Also, with careful review, there were obvious grammatical and typo errors. I decided to call the number listed, but no one answered, there was no message and no way to leave a message. I decided to research the company name, names listed in the letter and telephone numbers. The 905 and 206 number are listed to several different companies (i.e. Volt Marketing Inc and Carlson Marketing Inc). I am sure there are others. Several complaints have been listed, as other have fell prey to the scam. I just want post this information to make other aware that this is a scam and that if it sounds to good to be true - it is!

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  • St
      5th of Apr, 2010

    Here is a copy of the letter.

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  • So
      6th of Apr, 2010

    I had the exact letter and suspected it to be a fraud. I got a person who said I needed to verify my winning by cashing the check and then someone would deliver the rest of the amount to my house. Sounded legitament by telling me that no one will ask for my personal information and that a known business will ask me to fill out a survey when I receve the money. She wouldn't tell me the store who was giving me the money. I checked the phone number and it was a cell phone and the check had a valid number from Bank Of America account in West Virginia. I didn't get why there was processing fees. How do they get your money. I didn't was t to find out. Thanks for this posting.

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