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Manhattan Saddlery / Ridiculous company

1 117 East 24th StreetNew York, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 212-673-1400

This company is ridiculous. I have been in the store, only deal with over priced items being sold by sales people who seem like they have never even seen a horse before! I have ordered items off the internet, the wrong items were sent to me (wrong size and color) I had to send the items back at my own expense, and then I was told by a snotty sales person, the items were not returned within ten days so I wasn't getting a refund! I was out the WRONG items and my MONEY! I had to contact my credit card company to receive a refund! I have also asked them to order things for, I even paid before hand, the items were never ordered and then I was told they were discontinued and I was only given a store credit! I am not exactly sure how this place stays in business, but to be honest JUST SKIP IT! Manhattan Saddlery used to be Miller's Harness company; it is the oldest tack store in manhattan, and it is really a shame to go into the store these days. The new owners haven't updating any part of it. I imagine it will eventually become condemned based on the way they are caring for it. I know for a fact the building is VERY unhappy with the store and it's owners. Once I met the owner of the store, she was holding a bridle by the crown piece! I commented to one of the sales girls, that she clearly isn't a rider, only to find out she is the owner! I really have to say for the prices, frustration and sadness of seeing this store decline so much, I will stick to DOVER SADDLERY.

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      7th of Apr, 2009
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    I Humbly Disagree

    I know it is easy and sometimes fun to post unattributed criticism on the Internet, but as the owner of this company, I would encourage the person who posted this report to contact me directly via e-mail regarding his/her concerns. I find this post to be unfair and hurtful. We try very hard for customer satisfaction, and while mistakes in shipping occasionally do occur, I cannot think of an instance in which we delivered the wrong product and either a) did not then replace it with the correct item, or b) refund the money. I take this particular issue very seriously, so please do let me know if you believe your version of events to be accurate. I will respond to the rest of your assertions point by point.

    First, I strongly dispute the spurious claim that we are over-priced. In almost all cases, we are abiding by the manufacturer's suggested price; our prices are the same as in the South or the Midwest, despite our operating in an extremely costly market. A lot of our stock is expensive; this is because we stock high-end products. I do not apologize for this--that is what our customer base wants. I agree that Pikeur breeches cost more than other brands--there is a good reason for this, and it has nothing to do with greed or price-gouging.

    I apologize that we have to impose a 10-day term limit on receiving cash back as a refund, though this is certainly not unusual among other stores. I believe this is more than offset by our policy of offering equal exchanges or store credit no matter how much time has elapsed since the original purchase. We are trying to cut down on unserious orders, as these use up both time and credit card company fees--this is necessary in what is a very competitive business environment. We do our best to make every customer aware of this policy.

    With regard to the relative ability of my employees: I am amazed that you are able to infer the entire breadth of someone's knowledge by the way that individual holds a bridle. I can assure you that I try very hard to make sure everyone I hire has expertise in at least one area of English equestrian riding and apparel, and frequently competition experience as well. Again, I urge you to contact me directly if you can provide more specific instances in which an employee displayed a distinct lack of knowledge. I will remind you that many of our clients are extremely knowledgeable--I do not take this venture to be a competitive form of one-upmanship. I always encourage my employees to learn from customers, and vice versa--I don't really see this to be a weakness.

    Finally, about the physical appearance: our store has been at that location for over 50 years, and I happen to think that is part of the charm. Nevertheless, it is extremely clean and neat, and your claim that it is 'about to be condemned' is simply ludicrous. Please point out to me one structural or aesthetic aspect of the store that has fallen into disrepair. Furthermore, please do not post speculation on our relationship to the rest of the building--I can say with absolute confidence that you have no idea what you're talking about, and it's unfair to pretend to have insider information where none exists.

    Again, I encourage you to respond if you believe your claims are still valid, rather than air out your grievances in an anonymous forum. That is, unless you are who I suspect you are: an unhappy ex-employee with nothing better to do than post negative attack reviews. If that is the case, please find a more engaging pastime than slandering my company's reputation.

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