Mango Airlines (FlyMango)no assistance for elderly

We travelled on flight JE369 from Durban to Cape Town on Saturday 26 March 2016. On disembarking it was raining badly and we had to go on the tarmac and catch a bus to the air terminal. My 80 year old mum who is very fit for her age went down the ramp in front of me and the last step on the ramp was black the same as the tarmac. She fell very badly, there was no land staff to assist her at the end of the ramp. I feel that there should be some one to assist the elderly and young when getting off the ramp. I know have to take her to the doctors as she is not getting any better, very bruised and sore. Please advise if the airlines have cover for these medical expenses,

Mar 30, 2016

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