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Just had a terrible experience with Allied wallet. they told me my application for merchant was approved last year around October 2016. later they send me a list of things that needs to be done on my online site, one of the things was registering and EU Corporation and they charged me 350$ for that, I used my last money because I wanted great things for my store and wanted to have a gateway so I can start advertising my products.

When all was done and ready for activation, they then send me another list saying its from compliance, the list included me obtaining a USA contact number even though I am based in South Africa and also that I was charging items too much I should discount my clothes by 50%.

I started having doubts and well I went ahead did all that couple of days they then came back to me saying their supporting bank is declines my application and they cannot support my line of business.

What makes me angry is that why did they waste my time all along knowing that they will never activate my account and also why did they accept payment from me to register the EU if they knew all this was going to happen. Allied wallet is a scam. they scam customers and scam business that wants to use them as payment gateway. I am pissed and irritated.

I fail to understand why they did that to me because I supplied them with all legit documents they requested, they took advantage of me.

What I what to be done is that they should activate my account because they have already wasted 3 months of my time failing to do that then they should refund me my 350$.Allied Wallet should not use people like this because they should understand the reason we open these online stores is to try make money and improve our lives and we use money to do all that so its unfair for them to come and play with your emotions and take the last money that one has.


Jan 25, 2017

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