Manchanda Law Office And Associates / False advertiser, thief not to be trusted

1 14 Wall Street 20th floor New York ny 10005, New York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2129688600

I discover mr manchanda on google I called him on march 30 2014 to setup and appoint with him for an I-30 marriage case everything seem fined he says my case is easy and to pay his retainer fee of 10000 which I said was too much so we verbally agreed on 6000 so I agree to it normally the max for marriage is 5000 I now have a lawyer who took my case and is currently representing me for the total of 3500 so now back to manchanda on the first day I meet him he all he kept insisting was his retainer fees I said to my self dude I don't even knoe you and I don't even knoe where I was going to hire him or not so I was in the process of finding a lawyer until he text me on march 31 2014 for me to meet him at his office immediately with some kind of money my wife seen the text and told me not to deal with him to find a different lawyer "I didn't listen to my wife" the following Monday June 2 2014 I went in to his office after all the pressure and convincing words he said my case is easy and once I pay he will handle everything else so I trusted him and I gave him 3000 on June 2-2014 at 3pm he told me to go home and watch my email for instruction the email came around 6 pm the same day after business hours on the email it sates to print out the I-30 application fill in the required info and sign along with filling fee but on the other hand the instructions states to also call doctor to setup an appointment I don't knoe why I need a doctor for my case but he requested it so I waited till next business day to call doctor mark mind you I still did not print or sign any documents when I call doctor mark over the phone he quickly told me he need 2000 for me to come see him which is apart from my lawyer fee I was outrageous because manchanda sold me a dream he said my case is easy so as I called him and told him doctor marks want 2000 dollar he turned guerrilla mode on me and my wife he called my wife stupid for not wanting to hire him and he he will give me back 1000 out of my 3000 and I refuse because he is a liar he force me into signing the retainer just to keep getting money from me and not leading me the righ way nor is he filing or doing his job mr manchanda has my 3000 dollar currently hostage he is a thief and a fraud I discovered his scams with 24 hours after I paid him so as I requested my money back on june 3-2014 I went into his office and he called the nypd and told them I threatening to kill him and his staff so the cops told me don't come there again now iam currently going to court with him where he filing false police complaint ps against because he has my 3000 and doesn't want to give it back so he using the nypd to file false report so he doesn't have to deal with me and iam a client he never performed any services for me he even created a false invoice after I told him to provide proof of service from june2-2014 to June 3-2014 less 24 hour oh no do not hire this guy 3000 seems small but thus lawyer made me cry not legally but physically iam so happy he didn't get a chance to represent me further I would of been stuck further all he keep insisting was a down payment so he can get your case start after u pay he expect you to the work and pay extra money or you will lose your money and progress if there was any performed on his behalf manchanda is a thief and a scam and a false advertiser and I need my money back I will never quite fighting until I receive a check from manchanda law office with my 3000 dollar

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