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Mammoth Data / Poor service

1 United States

Subject: registration renewal failed: As a former Feature Price victim, I one day found myself - I don't know how - in the hands of Mammoth Data. They had registered my domain name with DotRegistrar. My hosting is elsewhere. Registration renewal was due january 8th. To be on the save side, I paid december 20th manually for domain renewal. Nevertheless, january 9th my domain was taken off the air by, because it had been expired. My Visa account was charged, but my domain registration wasn't renewed. According to my Control Panel, everything seemed OK. I contacted Mammoth Data various (up to 10+) times, without any reply. February 3rd I tried to renew my registration via the renewal form. So, in the control panel there are now two registrations, both with a question mark. Clicking on them generates an error message: domain not found. Unsurprisingly, my Visa card had been charged for the second time, though in the application form I had pointed out not to do so. In pure desperation I contacted, who helped me: they tried to contact Mammoth Data - in vain -. After my "grace period" was ended, I transfered my domain registration to DotRegistrar. This was affectuated february 6th. Hours after the confirmation of this transfer, I received THE FIRST REPLY to my e-mails: Mammoth Data confirmed that my domain registration had been
renewed. My account would last for two years. With apologies for the "inconvenience". But this seems impossible, because, by then, Mammoth Data was no longer the owner of the registration! So, Mammoth Data is no longer the registrant, as is confirmed by WhoIs. I have no idea what has been happening, but I find Mammoth Data awfully to blame for lack of service. I did everything possible to resolve the problem. I didn't want to leave Mammoth Data, I was compelled to! If I were a commercial company, I could easily sue them for damages as my site was unreachable for more than 4 weeks! But my site is only about information... There is one thing I expect from Mammoth Data: they'll have to refund two times the registration fee, because they didn't register me at all! I sent them an e-mail with the contents of this one, but... no reply. After that I sent them the same message by registered mail. I received a confirmation of delivery from the postal office wihout signature of anyone who received the letter. Of course, I can corroberate this horror story with a review of the most important emails I sent wihout receiving any reply. My greatest anger is the fact that Mammoth Data didn't reply to any of my numerous cries for help


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