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Malone heat and air review

I hired Malone Heat and Air to do a 3 Trane installation on my property in 2008. One unit for each level. The job was done over the course of a year. The lowest level required new duct work. I bought 3 14 seer Trane units plus installation at the cost of over 20k.

The installers on the first unit were professional and did a good job. Recently in the 3rd year of service the unit blew a capacitor. I combined a service call on all 3 units with this repair. The part was covered under warranty and the technician was called out for service of all 3 units but charged me $60 extra for this repair?

The third unit was installed last. The crew was professional and top notch. The installation was done right and the unit has had no problems to date.

The second unit was installed by a crew that clearly didn't care. It was put in the same week as the first unit but a different crew showed up to install it. The unit was not put in to code. They did not have the correct wire connectors and left wires hanging from the unit in the attic. Within the first few months the wires in the outside unit melted as they were not connected properly. Malone came out and repaired the defects and brought the wiring up to code at no charge. The unit ran fine for the rest of the summer. Upon firing the unit up the second summer all of the freon had leaked out of this new unit? Malone claimed there was a stuck fill valve and replaced the part under warranty but charged me for the freon, and service call but did not charge me labor for replacing the faulty part. Upon firing the unit up the third summer the unit iced over. Malone was called and informed me that the freon had leaked out, the coil was bad, and a pressure valve was bad. The parts are covered under warranty but Malone want 700 dollars in labor to repair this unit after 2 summers of service.

I am pretty disgusted with thier customer service and attitude. It is ridiculous to install a unit, fail to meet electrical code, have the wires melt down, have the freon leak out after the first year, have a fill valve go bad, have the freon leak out again after the second year, have the coil go bad after 2 years and a pressure valve after 2 years of A/C service on a 20k installation and the want to start charging the customer 700 dollars a shot at labor to repair these issues. It is also obvious that we had a coil leaking problem the entire time which the some how managed not to be diagnose until after the labor warranty was up. It is clear the unit was defective from the start, and installed poorly. There has been nothing but problems the first 3 year of A/C service and now Malone want me to pay them labor to straighten this out.

I thought Jimmy Malone stood behing his equipment and service but apparently I was wrong. I was apparently also wrong about the quality of the Trane equipment they sell. Buyer beware!

Dr. Douglas S. Hayes

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      31st of Mar, 2012
    Malone heat and air - Great service
    Malone heat and air
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    Best service I've ever had. They promptly resolved all my heater problems. Can't say anything negative at all.

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