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I have a problem w/ my heat i called this company to get fixed. they sent out a kid that did not know what he was doing to look at my unit and when he tryed to fix it just made it worse the next day . so i called and the so called service girl was so rude she said i need to speak with the onwer and i ask her to put him on the phone she then told me he was to busy right then and would call me, i her how they run a business thay way, and her answer was privately owned had it privileges and hung up . take it from me DO NOT CALL THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Rr
      Sep 29, 2009

    September 2004: Malone Heating and Air installed a new TRANE split unit HVAC system in my house. I bought the extended 10 year warranty.
    July 2005: The duct work leaked condensation which caused ceiling damage to my daughter's ceiling. Malone repaired the duct issues.
    August 2005: Malone paid a contractor to repair and paint the ceiling. The ceiling work was really poorly done.
    July 2009: I noticed water on the floor in my daughter's room, and then noticed that the ceiling was dripping! I have significant sheetrock damage, furniture damage and minor carpet stains. See my facebook album for pictures: I called Malone Heating and Air right away, and they discovered a leak in the coil (inside/attic unit) that was causing the system to freeze up. When it melted, it ran down the duct work into my daughter's ceiling. I was without A/C for 2 days in July while they repaired the HVAC issues. As for the rest of the damage, the owner, Jimmy Malone, was out of town and would have to assess the situation personally.
    August 2009: After 3 weeks, Jimmy Malone finally came to our house to assess the damage. He told my wife that he would take care of the repairs.
    September 2009: While repeated attempts to contact Jimmy Malone result in no callbacks, he did return 1 during which he promised to have an answer for me from TRANE regarding the repairs. He was supposed to give me that answer 8 days ago.

    Mr. Malone, I do not appreciate the lack of respect you have shown me, nor do I accept your poor customer service and failure on your part to resolve this issue. I will contact TRANE myself and file a complaint with them about your company if you do not respond immediately.

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  • Ra
      Sep 30, 2009

    Jimmy Malone just called and agreed to pay for ceiling repair. He asked me to obtain a quote for furniture repair. Situation is improving.

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