Mallory and Sons Roofing / Rip off

Mallory & Sons Roofing Company of Punta Gorda, Florida installed a new $10, 375 barell tile roof on my home. In August, 06 the roof began to leak into the interrior of the home. Mallory Roofing was called back to fix the problem, and they inspected the roof and stated it would take $4080 in repairs to fix the problems. I am a 74 year old Disabled American Veteran, with limited physical mobility, so I could not personally climb to the roof to inspect the problem before or after it was supposed to be repaired. I promptly paid Mallory and Sons Roofing the $4080 because I had to rely on their company's honesty and intergrity. I also paid $1000. to repair the interior damage from the roof leaks. Subsequently when I returned to my home, the roof had continued to have the major roof leak in the same spots and AGAIN damaged the interior. I AGAIN called Mallory and Sons Roofing to come back to fix the leak for which they had already been paid to repair. They wanted another $3200 to fix this leak. I refused to pay any more and they have refused to repair the leak AGAIN without more compensation. There is no question that this Company has ripped me off for repairs not made or made in such a shoddy manner that the roof still leaks.


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