Malindoairupgrade from economy to business promo tickets to nepal

I had bought 4 tickets for my family trip to Nepal on 9/11-15/11/17 with reference : BRSRHB at the cost of more tan rm1700/each. Now, there is promo for business tickets at rm899/each. Based on business point of view, please upgrade us to this business promo by allowing us to do the following:- 1) pay rm200/ each for the changes 2) secured us with business promo price 3) refund excess of the ticket cost .4) we are your loyal customers 5)since our travelling time is in November, by allowing our request, you still have time to sell yhe tickets to others.
Your management could review the guidelines and make your business a friendly service and smarter way to travel for your customer.
As you can see, 4 of us in the family, the difference is abount rm4, 000/ . This is not a single ticket.
This rm4, 00/ can be used for ground package cost.


Apr 07, 2017

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