Malaysia Airlines / lost/stolen phone by malaysian airlines personnel

Kuala Lumpur, MY
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I travelled on a flight yesterday from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur. I travelled in Business class and approximately 15 mins after passing through immigration, I noticed I left my phone in a pocket at my seat. I immediately informed the Malaysian Airlines lost baggage centre and was told that I will find out later in the day if they found it. I had to plead with the representative to call the gate to ask if someone could retrieve the phone for me. The call at the gate was not answered and I then asked if they can call someone whom is on the other side of immigration whom could make their way over to the gate and inform the relevant authorities of the phone left on the aircraft. I was informed that it was too far and that the persons working for Malaysian Airlines would be ASLEEP! and as such nothing could be done, at which point the clock read 7:30am local time . I was told that the security and cleaning crew had both been informed of the phone being left back and would make first efforts to retrieve it. Eventually someone was found awake and I was told to wait while they go check. Almost 30 mins after that final conversation I could not get a response nor could the person dealing with me be found! I reluctantly left with the report (filled out when I first arrived at the counter). Called at 6pm today (same day) to be told that no one had returned my phone.

Considering that the phone was in a pocket and the only persons with knowledge of the location of the device and access to the aircraft are those working on behalf of Malaysian Airlines. It seems probable that my phone has been stolen by the very people sent to retrieve it.

Mar 08, 2017

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