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I booked flights with MA from Auckland to Medan via KL.
I messaged as soon as Auckland Airport had there fuel issue and was told all flights running to schedule, will be emailed if this changes.
Thursday I was emailed changes which made me miss my flight connections, I called call centre ([protected]) in New Zealand, very long hold which was expected, I was told I could not change my flights because Auckland Airport had informed MA the airline were not allowed to change bookings which I questioned because they can not do this but was told by call centre operator this repeatedly. Once call ended I called Manger of Auckland Airport and was informed they could not do this so I recalled call centre ([protected]) another 40 minute hold, speaking to second operator I told of my conversation with Auckland Airport, then but only then could I change flights to day earlier so making flight connections, was told I would receive confirmation email in 72 hours but please call back if not received, 72 hours later no email, recall call centre and I'm told wait another 24 hours, 24 hours later recall call centre and told wait another 8 hours, but having spent now over two hours on phone I said I'd wait on phone for confirmation email, operator May then said she had sent it and call ends. I check emails and she has sent the wrong flights!! So I call back call centre for the 5th time and after 42 minutes finally have correct confirmation email sent. Firstly I would like to thank operator Sam for his quick and friendly dealing with my issue. Secondly I am very annoyed with the poor poor service from previous operators, lied to, incorrect emails, just trying to get me off the phone. Not once was I rude during these calls which was a very frustrating situation.
This is the second time Malaysia Airlines have changed my flights within weeks of my flights, last time causing missing of connections. This time I have had to spend over 4 hours on the phone dealing with terrible call centre operators and on hold to sort this out.
I will now have a 8 hour stop over in KL, I will make my connection but a long stop over during night hours.

Sep 25, 2017

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