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I am a believer that when shopping at a retailer such as Makro, one does not only pay for the product but also for the experience received while shopping, otherwise everyone can just shop online. The experience I speak of can be described as the store having clean isles and the layout of the store being organized and well structured. But to me the most important part of the experience would be the friendliness of the staff.

Yesterday, I spent over R2, 000 at Makro Silverlakes, which may not be a lot for such a large retailer, however it is still money which I could have spent at many other stores which offer the same or similar products. I am firm believer in being courteous to all persons at tills as I can imagine that they must see many aggressive customers throughout their day, and this was no different yesterday. I walked up to the till (till number 33) and greeted the lady at the till, as I normally would. The response from the lady was - "Makro card?" - With a stern look on her face. The only other words that came from her mouth was - "Plastic Bag?" Even after all of this, I still said my "Thank you's" and "Goodbyes", with no response but a stern face. It truly felt that she was doing me a huge favour by her coming to work yesterday.

Is that anyway to treat a person shopping at your store? I was truly shocked at the lack of interest and common decency from the staff. This may seem petty, but as mentioned earlier, one does not only pay for the products purchased but also for the experience, and shopping at Makro Silverlakes left me with such a bad taste in my mouth. I will not shop at Makro Silverlakes again.

Oct 29, 2018

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