Makro Payroll Departmentirp5

A Nov 23, 2017

I use to work for Makro Silverlakes from [protected]. I contacted their Head Office on Monday for my IRP5s and they said I should call the store for that. I did that but ever since the lady in HR says she can't get hold of them and I also tried again and also experienced the same problem.

When I eventually got an answer after 6 attempts the lady put me through she said the person in payroll's name is Kevin but there's no answer.

Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting through efiling and I requested these 4 days ago and still no answer.

If SARS is going to penalize me for this I will let Makro pay for this.

I requested IRP5s from a few of my previous employers and they responded fast.

I expected Makro to do the same but it seems like they don't work at Head Office and only gets paid for roaming around. I want a response today if not they will pay the penalty fees.

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