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This Car dealer likes to sell cars that belong to other people, so if a problem occurs he'll act like he's just the middle man and has nothing to do with it. I wanted to buy my daughter a car for her birthday, so I went to him, sadly I knew him as a friend, I told him the price rage I wanted to spend. he really didn't have nothing that i liked in my price range, but there was this one car he had that he would give me a good deal on, so he told me one price, and I gave him a down payment, days later i went back to finalize the deal and to sign the contract but to my amaze the contract was not what we agreed, it was $1000 more, he claimed it to be a typo, but at that point, I was skeptical of doing business with him ( to me it was more like baite & switch)and told him that I didn't want the car give me back my money. I never signed the contract and he never said that there was no refunds on the down payment nor was it written anywhere. I have been asking for my refund for nearly a month now and all he says is the owner of the car refuses to give my money back. Why won't they give me my money back, now I have a sad 16 year old who got nothing for her birthday but ripped off. I'm still trying to get my money.


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  • Me
      Aug 24, 2009

    Sue them! It makes no sense that they would be allowed to keep the down payment if you didn't get the car.

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  • An
      Aug 24, 2009

    it makes alot of sence to me. the same thing happened to me but i had the car almost paid off and the dealer took the car back while i was at a work so i contacted a lawyer and they told me pretty much i was screwed but in nicer terms. all you really can do is cut your loss . dealers can do what ever they want anymore. sorry to hear this next time just buy her a car that is cash,

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