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Hi, four months ago we were looking for a supplier to achieve a web site for a client of us, a difficult and interesting project. We publish the project on and a lot people offered it´s services, we choose maketick because they send us as a example a very similar website to what we needed, a nice web, so we awarded them as supplier and we created the first milestone. do not recommend never to release a payment before any deliverieble, but as was our first time on freelancer and maketick seems to be very professional, we released it so (as they tell us) the can start "working" on our project . when we asked about the project, they allways tell us they were working on it, tell us dont worry that they will delivery the full web on time, delivery date was 28th of march, a week before we were very nervous because they didn´t show any demo despite we asked for it several times, after a big instance show us a web developed for other client, a project similar to us, but nothing about our information or needs. They´ll will call you at the beggining of the project tell you everything you want to hear, but will never delivery anything, will tell a huge range of excuses, and the day of the demo will allways be tomorrow, or in a few hours, we spend that way 20 days. As we suspected they were a cheaters we contacted the company whose web they sen us as example and never heard of maketick, so you can imagine that we are now sure we were cheated, a big fraud and the ending a beautiful project that never will be possible because of that waste of money and time, Please beware of maketick.

I hope this helps to choose a professional people and that nobody else is cheated by them


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  • Ka
      1st of Apr, 2012

    They did the same to our company we are located in Spain, and they called us to discuss the project, seems to be very professionals but when the delivery date arrives, they hasn´t nothing developed, and just the same as you made thousands of excuses, to be contacted the next day, that our contact was out of the city, that he was at the hospital with a friend, that he is with a flu, so many excuses to do not achieve it. They allways send emails like, you´ll be updated in 4 hours, and 2 days later you need to contact them because there wasn´t news, our contacts were: Tom Callahan, Geroge Wilson, but it´s very possible this didn´t exist, an finally we were contacted by Sudip Roy that as I read in other forums is the brain of this "company" of cheaters, be careful we lost 3200 $

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  • Mb
      1st of Aug, 2012

    This is unfortunate to read, I hope others are not swayed away from such a great group of guys because of these complaints. First off, if you lost $3, 200... that doesn't sound like a project in the first place. We trusted Maketick with a $300, 000 problem and they found the solution... and for a lot less. Sudip is a class act, he and his team work their a$$es off... they've done great work for our company, and we are rehiring them to launch our next project... without Maketick, it wouldn't have been possible. If you need REAL results... look no further, Maketick DELIVERED. Thank you Maketick!

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  • Sa
      6th of May, 2013
    Maketick - Worked with Maketick, no complaints
    Maketick Inc
    38720 Stonington Terrace,
    United States
    Phone: 866 490 3366

    I had a requirement related to website development. These guys approach us on
    I did do a lot of research before approaching them. However, they have achieved all milestones. Their leader Mr. Sudip Roy is truly an esteemed partner who ensured that the project attained its objectives. The dedicated team understood the requirement of my company and deployed the necessary solution that is contextual to my business.
    They have done the job successfully.

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  • Sa
      9th of May, 2013

    Hi, four months ago we stated to work with maketick, ask them to fix a small issue in our existing website. It's related to the development practice and we didn't got enough cooperation from the previous service provider, so we decided to change.
    Maketick has done it successfully and we are still working with them. Never found any issue with them. I appreciate their dedication.

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  • Th
      9th of May, 2013

    Hi there, We have been working with Maketick for more then one year. Started with a project related to website development, later we selected them for the support & maintenance service. So far, we have not got any issue with their service. Always ready to cooperate and we like their prompt response.

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  • Aa
      15th of May, 2013

    I am agree with you. I also have been working with Maketick for some of my projects. As a customer, I never had any issues.

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  • As
      15th of May, 2013

    Good service provider, still working with Maketick. Adding new milestones and features to the project scope as Maketick has continued to deliver value. Highly recommend a weekly call with your project manager as it helps with communication, timliness of deliverable.

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  • Ox
      24th of Oct, 2013

    This company is nothing more than useless. We totally agree with Karl Mullers description.

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  • Tr
      13th of Apr, 2014

    Maketick is the worst company under the heaven they defrauded me out of more than $4000 for a site that does not work Please, Please, Please do not ever be fooled by the good comments you see on theses complaints pages i am sure it is them trying to improve their ratings to lure people into using their services they are nothing more than crooks and liars. I lost more than $4000 using maketick do not make the same mistake I did of using their service. You have been warned

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  • Jo
      15th of Jun, 2014

    maketick inc and inteliapp both are the company of fraud...sudip roy suparna pyne

    We are not happy with MakeTick. We gave them a deposit to start conversion of a database to web-based pages. The agreement stipulated 44 days completion but a month later, all we had to show for it was 3 worthless sample pages of a shopping cart, nothing on the database itself - which was the most time-consuming part of the project. At the 30-day mark, MakeTick asked for a second deposit. That is when we drew the line and began asking questions. We retained their service through

    Suffice it to say that we lost our deposit and have never received anything else from MakeTick. Initially, the main "player" was dubbed George Wilson, then switched to Roy Smith, then to Sudip Roy. The many faces of Eve?

    We cannot possibly recommend them and, in fact, are submitting complaints to the California District Attorney's office and the US Attorney. Consumers are being ripped off by this company and agencies need to know about it.

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