Majon Inc.Marti P. Hands

Marti P. Sands with Majon is rude and disgustingly unprofessional. According to her if you need to promote affiliate links the only service that works that they offer inspite of testimonials and descriptions is redirected traffic. She got rude when I told her the site misrepresents the services they offer and she hung up.

I asked her which service would work for my websites sites and she told me I would never get on the first page of Google using their article service or mall ling service eventhough the website specifically states "Mall Linking Service
One of our best internet marketing services! PROVEN Successful! The Mall Link web linking service places your web site link onto thousands of exclusive online shopping malls. Increase Search Engine Rankings, Targeted Traffic and Website Visibility!" as well as Article Marketing Services # Results in Hundreds/Thousands of Permanent Links Pointing Direct to Your Website
# Viral Marketing Tool, Is One of the Best Methods to Boost Search Engine Rankings find new sales prospects and open up a flood of targeted traffic direct to your web site. Content articles are an essential part of search engine marketing and when done properly" Yet she clearly told me that these services would never get my site on the top of Google ever. I then called back to find out why they offer these services and have testimonials of people saying these services work if they don't and if I placed an order online I wouldn't have know they wouldn't provide the results the site list until after the service was rendered. The only thing Marti said would work for me was the redirected targeted traffic. I told her the site was misleading and she said find another company and hung up on me.

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