majic jacks order stationservice in ordrering the product

i ordered a majic jack system a month ago but there were problems with my bank debit card so i bought a wal mart debit card to make the purchase and did so with it but had problems with the people handleing the order over the net in the live tech center from the website at first they couldnt understand to send it to my general delivery address then they didnt send it at all even after they understood where to send it so i waited the ten days for it it never came by then i was not happy and so i went to the site again to inquire where was my majic jack and again the tech people could not just fix the problem it seemed they were going over problems that i had with my bank card so i told them that i bought a wal mart card to make this purchase and where was my majic jack buy then i was furious and told them that what they were doing was theft by deception and false advertising where is my product and that i wanted to report this to a superior they told me that one wasnt around there and that they werent happy to serve me and would not let me comment didnt direct me to a site in which i could do this so iam out 46.00 and still have no majic jack and assume that they will not process my order as i wanted to report them
here is the orde number and i.d. no.

order number Ai119423
ref. number [protected]

please help me get this straightend out iam sure that the product is nice but the service to get it is terible
charles mousseax

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