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Majestic Auto Repair / Ina Road / Ruined the car

1 Tucson, AZ, United States Review updated:

My mother in law took her Hyndai Elantra in to Majestic Auto in Tucson, Arizona for a timing belt replacement. (The belt was old and due for replacement, not broken yet.) Part of the repair included a water pump replacement as this is much more simple when the timing belt cover is already off and considered good preventive maintenance.
The next week my father in law took it back in because it was not running right. The engine running poorly, revving, overheating. They told him it was fine. The next day the engine was ruined (blown). When she asked what happened, they told her it was due to the "cam not being in time with the valves" and the engine being "worn" and "overheated." They also said there was water in the oil and oil in the water (duh. The motor's blown.) and the oil looked too dark and implied it was not serviced often enough. In order for the "cam" to not be "in time with the valves" the "timing belt" would have to have been installed incorrectly. When they replaced (supposedly) the water pump, the coolant system would have to have been drained and refilled. (There was no water in oil/oil in water then?) The engine was FINE when it went in to the shop. The oil was changed every 3000 consistently (I know because I did it.) It was only taken to Majestic for the timing belt because they were somewhat cheaper than the dealer for the difficult but required timing belt replacement. They offered her a used motor for $2300.00 plus RR. Majestic refused to admit any wrong doing and refused to repair the car or incur any expense of replacing the motor. The car is not worth the cost of repair now.

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      26th of Feb, 2009

    My car was almost ruined too and I lost close to 1, 000.00 due to Majestic's incompetence and refusal to take responsibility for their shoddy work. I took my older model car to them because the AC wasn't working. The owner told me that it needed to be converted from R-12 to R-134. In addition, he gave me a list of work that the car needed done. Total was 1, 800.00. I drove the car NO MORE than 6 miles after having picked it up and noticed the AC was NOT working. It then began to make an awful grinding sound and I noticed metal shavings under the hood. I drove it back to Majestic with the grinding getting louder and smoke pouring out from under the hood. The owners comment was "I'm surprised you made it here!". After looking at the car again, he tells me that the compressor gave out and he would give me a great deal on a new compressor, and would not charge me any labor. I called around and found a wonderful company, Arizona Auto Refrigeration, who quoted me for parts and labor with the R-12 for LESS than the "deal" Majestic had quoted me. I had my car towed to AAR and will NEVER, EVER allow Majestic to work on my cars, nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

    Oh, and the additional work that my car 'needed'? I later learned that it was just padding to my bill. My car didn't really need all that work done and had I chose to find someone else to do that work, it would have been cheaper. I'm glad I didn't authorize the additional 700.00 work Majestic wanted to do! Please beware when you're dealing with this company. Don't let all the crosses, bible and verses on the walls fool you.

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      22nd of Oct, 2011

    I know how difficult the automotive repair industry is. The fact that a person comes in for something and something else goes wrong with it happens more times than you would imagine and in most cases an unfair pointed finger goes toward the automotive shop. There has been and unfortunately will always be some shops that are just plain dishonest, Majestic was not one of those. The fact is that when Majestic moved to the larger building at 4455 W. Ina Rd., the overhead was a lot more and that would have been fine but the economy crashed. Their prices did have to go up, but the integrity was always there. If Rick said it needed something, then it needed it. Whether one could get the repair done somewhere else for less, that was possible. Like Rick’s new shop, Garrigan’s Auto Repair” at 4528 W. Ina Rd (back behind the Donut Wheel). He can now beat almost everyone else’s prices because he no longer marks up parts. He even goes further and gives the customer the ORIGINAL parts receipt. That is unheard of in that industry.

    Not every job goes as we would like, but if you take it to Garrigan’s Auto Repair you will get their best with a personal touch. As always, all recommended repairs can be shown to the customer without fear.

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      22nd of Oct, 2011

    I have been blessed with the ability to run an automotive shop for 11 years now. It still amazes me how self serving and manipulating some customers are. They say that auto shops are crooked, well I see it differently. I have been ripped off and conned by quite a few so called good customers every sense I opened up the doors in October 2000. Most of my customers were very good and understanding that this is not an easy industry and difficult to see all the problems of an engine. They just do not make MRI’s for cars.

    I remember the 05 Hyundai Elantra as stated above. A timing belt is supposed to be replaced at 60K not 100K. Glenda H. brought the vehicle in specifically for a water pump at 99, 972 miles on 9/2/08. During the repair we noticed a bunch of stop leak was put in the cooling system and we noted that on the invoice; “while repairing water pump and bypass hose there was a very noticeable amount of a sealant of some sort in coolant system”. The vehicle was brought back 9/25/2008 at 100, 568 with the concern; “Engine Died In Flight (Temp Guage Goes really High)”. We inspected to make sure what we did was good and noted this; “Inspected for reason why vehicle died in flight. Checked for spark and it is good. checked for injector pulse and seems good. Checked compression and found has no compression. Inspected timing belt found is still tight and marks are still lined up. Upon further inpection found the radiator is low on coolant and has oil residue in radiator. Coolant is going through cylinders due to a blown head gasket or cracked head. Oils smells burnt, will recommend replacing engine at this time. Last time vehicle was in we noted that cooling system looked like sealant is in system. Recorded on original Repair Order #15329.”

    So Jess lied and misrepresented why the vehicle was brought in, that the timing marks were off and that we did not do a quality job. Either this was a set up to try and get a new engine or Jess Clements was blind to what was really going on with his mother’s vehicle. I am assuming he is the one who put in the stop leak in his mothers cooling system in the first place sense he is the one doing the oil changes.

    Trying to make me look bad is not only wrong; it is keeping other people from coming to a shop that really is honest. One can challenge the prices that were being charged in that larger shop, but today I do not need to charge the higher prices because I have downsized my overhead costs. I am also now Garrigan’s Auto Repair at 4528 W. Ina, 572-7505. Any customer can come by and inquire about any past recommendation or repairs and I will gladly assist them in trying to figure out what was going on. As always, “I am not afraid to show the customer what is recommended and why”.

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