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Messer Toyota,

I submit to you my complaint after visiting Toyota EGY Service Center Aburawash-Giza-Egypt to do my periodic maintenance (Date:24 May 2018) major 2 for Toyota Land Cruiser Model 2015 Chassis No JTMHX09J2F5056883, Engine No 1UR-0500052, VIN URJ202L-GNTNKV Y:15

I was informed of the completion of the required maintenance and proceeded to pick up the car and while driving my car I heard noise coming from rear wheel area and I couldn't identify the reason, except that the sounds are abnormal and unusual.

I went again to the service center and informed the maintenance service advisor there is something wrong and up normal in my vehicle.

A whining noise coming from the rear wheel during driving.

They returned back my vehicle to the work shop then they informed me that they "added extra differential oil, because it was low".

Such a statement from Toyota is not acceptable was shocking for me, especially that the vehicle only made approx. 45K KM.

Nevertheless, they advised that 2 liters of differential oil was added (invoice attached), while as per the manual the quantity recommended is 2.75 Liters.

More and above, they used M/T 75W85 & M/T Mobil 75 W oil, and my vehicle is A/T.

All of the above were discussed at the service center, Toyota service center advisor, took my complaint very slight.

I request you to run a full investigation and guarantee that nothing serious happened to the rear differential.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mohamed Metwally

May 28, 2018

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