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My mother went to the Maimonides hospital in Brooklyn, due to very uncomfortable stomach pain, vomit ting, weakness. First off, I just wanted to say, that the only way to get her real care, was she starting breathing in an unusual way. She was placed in cardiac after hours of laying in the emergency room in pain. All she wanted to do was to jump out of the window, she expressed to me. It's hard seeing my mother that way, and after all the tests performed in the ER, nothing came up, however, there was still something wrong with my mother. I had to find a doctor in the ER, because apparently there was a shift change, and no new doctor was appointed to her. After hours, I could not take it anymore, and asked please if someone can take a look at her test, so that we can get relief for her as soon as possible. Finally one of the doctors came over and said, the test were fine, they did not find anything wrong. However, my mother was still in pain. They just stood over her as if they did not know what to do, almost like they were to send her home. It was her breathing as I mentioned earlier, that got her into Cardiac ER and then eventually admitted, where further tests were given. Although further tests were given, no diagnosis was given. Apparently, it was not important anymore to the Maimonides medical staff, once they found out of her Thyroid Cancer. My mother did not come to the ER for her Thyroid Cancer. She was already given that diagnosis by her doctor, and given treatment options, which were already taken care of. It was her stomach, which had no ties. My mother suffered for days as they kept examining her thyroid, trying to convince her to have surgery there, at the hospital. This look to me $$$$ for the hospital. They had no care what she came in there for, because after 3 days of being admitted, my mother has not been treated to this day. She went back to her doctor recently after nearly 2 weeks, and he still did not have the results, and we were even more furious. My mother had to contact the hospital to get the diagnosis, and they sent her the paperwork, in which she received 1 day ago, indicated she is gastric. My mother could have been treated sooner, but she suffers. She doesn't eat, because it all comes up, no nutrition information was given to her, only temporary fixes. I am appalled at the treatment at this facility. One of the doctors that came up to check on her, the last day she was at the hospital and examined her thyroid. I asked her, what is going on, are they're recent changes. She sarcastically replied, well we don't know unless we check. Since I am not in the medical field I remained at ease, and allowed them to examine, in hopes they say it may have something to do what is going on with her currently. This was a mess, everyone medical staff individual was so concerned with her thyroid, they totally forgot what she came in for. A follow up visit with her doctor, also made him furious, as he does not want to send any one else there anymore. After his call to them, they immediately contacted my mother, and asked her to come in, only because her doctor called and expressed his anger. He also sent to my mother in the mail the diagnosis, along with pictures, only because her doctor had something to do with it. So, are patients only important if they are bringing in high value illnesses. Her stomach pain meant NOTHING to them, as their focus was to perform the Thyroidectomy, they lost sight of what she was really there for.

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  • Ka
      6th of Apr, 2012

    I am sorry for what happened to your mother. Hospital abuse and neglect is rampant all over this country, and I am one of those who is trying to fight back.

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