[Resolved] Magnum property managment / Non removal of a bad tenant non fixing of a furnace room with black mold

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I bought my condo two years ago, now part of the condo's are owned part are rental. Basically what my problem is, is about 6 months ago a young girl moved in next door was playing music all hours of the night and day we've phoned the police onseveral occasions, not only noise she walks outside in underwear or barely dressed, she bangs on the walls smokes drugs in the rental, and I have phoned my condo board several times as well im on the condo board they exclude me from meetings. The condo board warned her twice they told me now they were going to evict her now they've gone back on thier word and she is still living there causing a disturbance. About 7 months ago the condo upstairs furnace blew causing water damage into my furnace room below I have been living there with black mold as well i've contacted the condo board on several occasions to fix it they tell me we have more important things to do well I'm living with black mold being blown into my home I've contacted all the numbers to exaustion If someone could please help me out that would be appreciated immensly thanks Tiara Melnyk

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    Problem was taken care of by new condo board.

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      18th of Feb, 2010

    Contact your insurance company and let them fix your problem and they will take the necessary actions

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