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A similar thing happened to me, but in this case Rachel/Marilyn called me early 2007. I had known her for many years and some work she did 8 years ago worked. Some did not. I hadn't heard from her in a while. When she called and left a message to call her back, we talked about a vision she had had and we went to work on it. Called the project, it periodically involved sending funds to her over time and she sent a few candles and meditation supplies. In that first return call she said any money used was just a loan and would be returned. The return was to begin March 7, 2008.

As many things occurred at the same time period over a year (close male friend in hospital near death, father diagnosed with cancer, cat very ill and passing away) I failed to keep track of what I sent her. After the cat's passing, I sat down and realized the total amount. A LOT of money. I also caught someone else's [redacted]. When I mentioned her name to Rachel she called me back quite angry.

I went with a friend and reported this to the local police. They talked to her in August 2008 and she said she would begin paying me back about $10, 000 every 7 days or so. She has failed to send anything. The police and I still contact her. I know she has had family problems and I value our friendship but business is business. Just finish the project and return the money as promised to the police is all I ask. My friend and I are seeking legal counsel. I can be friends with folks but my purse is closed. Beware.


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