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MagicJack / we all need to do something about this — I am going to write to obama!

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These people are scamming the public and need to be stopped! Here is my transcript! After already spending an hour on the phone with someone who could barely speak english
Sam: Hello, how may I help you?
Trisha Bement: are you the same SAM I was talking to before I got disconnected?
Sam: Hi Trisha.
Sam: May I know your main concern, Trisha?
Trisha Bement: I have been billed in error for $39.95
Trisha Bement: r u there?
Sam: Yes.
Sam: May I know when and where did you place your order?
Trisha Bement: I pllaced the order by telephone, from your TV ad in Feburary 2009
Sam: May I know the sales order number please?
Trisha Bement: LI will have to look for it.
Sam: Thank you. Just take your time.
Trisha Bement: ok
Trisha Bement: still looking
Sam: May I know the full name and the email address you used to order magicJack?
Trisha Bement: Trisha Bement
Sam: May I know the first four and the last four digit of your credit card use to order magicJack?
Trisha Bement: yes
Trisha Bement: first 5287 last 1012
Sam: Thank you.
Trisha Bement: do i need to keep looking for order number?
Sam: Please wait while I check that for you
Trisha Bement: thank you
Sam: Thank you for holding.
Trisha Bement: I also havve my bank posting confirmations if you need those
Sam: Please click the link below for this is the order made and has been charged to your account.
Trisha Bement: no link...
Sam: Please click the link names "Your order"
Trisha Bement: in this screen?
Sam: Yes.
Trisha Bement: not here
Sam: Your order
Trisha Bement: thank you we will disconnect when i click on it?
Sam: No, you will not.
Trisha Bement: ok going there now
Sam: May I know if that's the exact order you made?
Trisha Bement: just now looking
Sam: Okay.
Trisha Bement: No that is not correct
Trisha Bement: I ordered ONLY 1 MJ
Sam: Yes, there is only magicJack in that order.
Sam: Oh I see.
Sam: Sorry.
Sam: May I know if you already receive the 2 magicJack?
Trisha Bement: Also the first name is spelled incorrectly
Trisha Bement: yes, I did receive them, and wondered why there were two
Sam: Okay.
Sam: Please verify the following information.
Sam: Order Time: 10:39:06
Sam: Order Date: 02/01/2009
Sam: Email:
Sam: Shipping Address
Sam: ERIE, PA 16505
Sam: US
Sam: Credit Card 5287 **** **** 1012
Trisha Bement: I beleive that is correct except for the spelling of the first name
Sam: I apologize.
Trisha Bement: no problem if you can fix this for me!
Sam: One moment please...
Sam: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.
Trisha Bement: thank you
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
You are now chatting with 'Roger'
Roger: Hello there Trisha.
Trisha Bement: hello Roger
Roger: How are you doing today?
Trisha Bement: Well, I was doing fine, til I got a notice of NSF charges!
Roger: Please give me a few minutes to review your previous chat and your patience is highly appreciated. I'll be back to you shortly, thank you!
Trisha Bement: ok
Roger: Thank you.
Roger: One moment please...
Trisha Bement: ok
Roger: Thank you for patiently waiting.
Trisha Bement: sure
Roger: I fully understand that you were credited for an amount of $39.95 on your purchased device, here in our end, right?
Roger: Prisha, I just want to inform that your purchased order were as follow.
Roger: ADDMJ3995 1 $39.95
Roger: MJ3995- T 1 $39.95
Roger: STDSHIP695 1 $6.95
Roger: Clearly it states that you made a purchase of two device,
Trisha Bement: It is CLEARLY YOUR mistake
Roger: You place the order technically on your end, there would be no possibilities that our system place it by error.
Trisha Bement: Excuse me?
Trisha Bement: Of course it is possible someone at your end made a mistake.!
Roger: I am so sorry to tell you, but our order process are made by our systems and not physically detailed each information.
Trisha Bement: Well, I am sorry to tell you that your SYSTEm made a mistake...just like it was not supposed to bill me until 30 days trial wasd over, IT DID
Trisha Bement: I want a refund of that $39.95
Trisha Bement: Perhaps i want a refund of everything!
Roger: You are no longer in the trial period and there would be no possibilities to refund the amount. For any legal actions, refer this statement to our Terms of Service.
Trisha Bement: Well, let me tell you that you are getting some really bad press on the internet and I sure bet the national tv stationos would like to heat about this
Trisha Bement: hear about thin
Trisha Bement: You know this is not good customer service, nor good pr
Trisha Bement: Is your company doing so bad that you cannot satisfy your customers? Am I going to lose service soon because you will go out of business?
Roger: My apologies to hear this on your end. Apparently, you have clarified this on our end by the time you have the email confirmation. It is not our end whom have caused the error, nor blaming your end, Somehow, your end have made some flaws.
Trisha Bement: Well, I guess the next step here is to get me to the next person in charge... and don't tell me you are the only person to talk to!
Roger: As of the moment, you are dealing with the highest level of support, the Head Supervisory Level.
Trisha Bement: Well, that is not good enough. I want to talk to someone at the next level!
Roger: You are in the highest level as of the moment. There shall be no higher that us by positions.
Trisha Bement: You are lying. I wish to have the imformation to contact a person above you
Roger: We only tell appropriate responses to our customers end since all of our session are documented.
Trisha Bement: Ok, then, face book, every other blog I can find. the tv stations, the radio stations, the BBB, and I have time to spend on this, as well as a letter to your corporate head quarters.
Trisha Bement: My friends told me I would be foolish to use you guys and I guess they were right!
Roger: I appreciate that responses, well said. We will just take our counterpart legally. Our Legal Department will take an action on this matter.
Trisha Bement: That is a really good PR response too!
Trisha Bement: i would llike to have your corporate contat information
Roger: Refer this to our email address.
Roger: I appreciate that responses, well said. We will just take our counterpart legally. Our Legal Department will take an action on this matter.
Trisha Bement: That is a really good PR response too!
Trisha Bement: i would llike to have your corporate contat information
Roger: Refer this to our email address.
Roger: I have not heard from you in a while. Do you wish to continue this chat session?
Roger: Since I have not heard from you for some time, I am going to close this chat. If you need any help in the future, please do not hesitate to chat with us again. Good bye
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    obama will save the world

    o geez this is the gooniest subject line and posting i've larfed at in a long time

    too bad she didn't post her ssn as well

    Trisha Bement: Trisha Bement
    Sam: May I know the first four and the last four digit of your credit card use to order magicJack?
    Trisha Bement: yes
    Trisha Bement: first 5287 last 1012
    Sam: 1306 PENINSULA DR
    Sam: ERIE, PA 16505
    Sam: US
    Trisha Bement: i LIVE BY MYSELF IN A 2 ROOM APT

  • Ma
      25th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had an identical 'Chat' just today. Couldn't get a higher level supervisor, a copy of the recorded telephone call (when I ordered) or their legal department. I was disconnected.

  • Co
      11th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    They have locked my account because we disputed where magic Jack charged 2 credit cards for the same transaction. We asked for the problem to be fixed by Magic jack, they in turn told us they had noting on file where they charged our second card. We simply destroyed the card they had on file and had a new one re-issued. Problem solved.We now use prepaid credit cards to process transactions and have canceled all cards they have on file for us to prevent the problem.

    The phone number we use the magic jack for is our business phone. we have had this thing for over 2 yearfs now and no problems until this recent problem in January.

    Now we can not purchase anything, they will not even allow us to pay to renew our service, they won't let us transfer the number to another provider, and they have interrupted our business telling us our case is till in review.7 months to review where they tried to scam us and steal our money processing unauthorized transactions.

    The problem, I think, is we found a way for them to provide exactly what they offer without the ability to steal from us and they do not like it. Thus hey found a way around us by locking our account, allowing the number to lapse without service so we lose the number and the account and they an try to start fresh.

    I agree they need to be stopped, but they know jut like everyone reading this knows, no one has the money, and no attorney will work this case probono, thu allowing companies like Magic jack and thousands of others to continue screwing people and getting away with it.

    To be honest I think it's time attorneys began to do what they are trained to do. Stop worrying about filling your pocket so bad, and start helping people who literally have a case, are being interrupted, hurt, and destroyed just because a large company knows they can get away with it. Stop worrying about that huge house you live in, that fancy car you drive, you can be an attorney no matter if you live in a trailer or a 3 million dollar mansion. You can defend honest hard working people no matter if you drive a Mercedes or a pinto. When the attornesy don't ask you for money up front, when they can sit with you and help you win a case without the need for you to dish out their fee, thats when companies will stop this crap. And not until.

    Here's the deal rich fancy pants attorney, I don't get paid for my services until after the job is complete, correct, and approved. I provide my own tools, My own labor, and my own products to complete someone order. I do not get paid up front for my work so what makes you better than me? Now After I do the work, and don't get paid for the job I send invoice after invoice with accruing finance charges. I am still not paid, then I have to come to you, the attorney, Provide the tools you need to complete your job, the contract, the proof, the invoices, and access to my financial information to show where no payment was made. You see using the tools I provided for you the contract has been broken, they have broken the law, you know that, I know that, yet I have to pay you to take them to court. I have to pay you up front to make a person pay me what is clearly owed...problem 1.

    Now let's say I pay you, we go to court and win, You have already been paid, but this client still does not pay, and then 3 months later Poof I am back in your office, and you demand payment again up front to help me peruse the judgment to put a lien against his assets. And guess what if that client does not sell that asset, I still dont get paid. So who really wins????? THE ATTORNEYS.

    I challenge any attorney reading this to prove me wrong. Take this case help stop this company from breaking the law and ripping people off.

    Or show me what I need and Ill help everyone take these people to court my dang self. Companies like magic jack need stopped, they will not quit walking on top of us unless we stand up...Literally.. and fight back.

  • Co
      11th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Don't waste your time with Obama, hes just a simple puppet in the game of banking and politics.

    He does, not what is right for the people, but what is best for the bankers who really run the world of politics.

    He is no different than any other elected official.

    He now sees he did not win the election, he became a pawn on a chess board of the richest, coldest, ignorant people in the world,
    who care only for greed and terrorism, not what is right for you or for me!

    God what is this world coming to?

  • Ha
      24th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wow...Such hatred. Magic Jack has worked well for me on a netbook for over a year.
    No problems with purchase (picked one up at WallGreen's) late 2009. It is now late 2010!
    Customer service exists. FAQ handle most questions. $20 for the unit and $20/year is a good price!

    NOTE WELL: Magic Jack is very advanced technology! It requires the installation of a
    program into your computer (Quite automatic after plug in!). It requires time to start up again
    with each computer boot cycle! It requires you to log an address for 911 service (which it
    did flawlessly on my computer. You can change that address at will if you move the system).

    You should also set your computer to "wake up upon LAN activity". Then your computer can "sleep"
    until a call occurs. It then wakes up and Magic Jack connects the call (either in or out!).

    It drives two phones and an answering machine. The audio is pretty good (typical VOIP quality).
    My only complaint is their answering service comes on after a fixed four rings! I would like to be able
    to control that myself (minor annoyance...local answering system is set to three rings!)

    This thing is incredible technology (is NOT your AT&T wire line of the past!!!) at a very
    low price for a phone connection. Much simpler than Skype (which is also good if you understand it,
    and/or want video connection!).

    Get with the program or buy a cell phone. Most folks can handle cell phones now--but at $50/month!

  • Al
      11th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    ok harold 321 is customer serivce for magicjack detailed lol

  • Si
      24th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Bad bad definitely bad customer service could not get local calling they would not fix the problem. They kept on ending chat sessions because I wanted an answer. They need to be customer service not excuses our next level of expertise but situation resolved.I sent my magicjack back to Radio Shack and told them they should not sell the product its a con.

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