Magellan GPS / Terrible customer service

TN, United States

I purchased a Magellan Maestro 4700 in March 2010. I registered my unit with Magellan and also have an extended warranty through AAA. June 6, 2011 I mailed back my unit because it wasn't working. I followed their instructions to return the unit. I was told I would have my replacement model with 5 -7 days. I said ok because I needed the unit before July 10, 2011. I waited for the unit and nothing. I called July 5 and was told that they hadn't received the unit. I knew they had because I received an e-mail stating that they had. The rep told me unless I gave her a tracking number she couldn't help me. I gave it to her and she said yes they received the unit on June 10. She said I would receive a replacement in 7 -10 days. I told her I wanted the unit expedited because they had the unit and I shouldn't have to wait another 7-10 days. By this time my voice was raised. She said if I kept speaking like that I would never see my replacement unit again period. At that point I asked for a supervisor. She put me on eternal hold. I hung up and I called back. The second rep apologized for their error but said he couldn't authorize expediting the shipment of my GPS. I said I wanted to speak to someone who could and was told there was no one available who could. When you call Magellan you are on hold for a minimum of 5-7 minutes and it is difficult getting connected to someone to speak to. I sent an e-mail to the "Contact Us" at the Magellan website but am not expecting a response. This is customer service at its worse.

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