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Magellan G.P.S. / Price Match?

1 Queenston & Nash Rd.Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I guess this can be called "selective Price Matching"...For a company that has been around so many years supported by Canadians or they would'nt exist, did they forget how they got there.
I purchased a Magellan Triton 400 G.P.S. from C.T. at queenston & Nash Rd in Hamilton Ontario. I found the product at a cheaper price at BASS PRO shops, $149.00...Can T. price $179.95 ...So I brought them in the print out from Bass Pro shops and they matched the price. That same evening after taking the product home and reading through all the material, I decided I should have gotten the more superior model with better features. So, I searched Bass Pro and found they also had the same product for a lower price...BASS PRO $199.00...Can. Tire $249.95...I went the very next morning to return the first model(not even out of the box) and purchase the superior model. Well they called the manager and he came along and had all different reasons why he would not Price Match. A main reason was they don't "Price Match" with Bass Pro???????
I found that kinda funny as I had just finished returning one that they "Price Matched" from BASS PRO...Hmmmmm, I can't help but think it should be called "SELECTIVE PRICE MATCHING", you know, if they have to lower the price more than their liking, well then out comes all the different reasons for why they would'nt "PRICE MATCH"??????
I am a contractor and spend approx.$10 to $15, 000.00 per year purchasing C.T.s products and will no longer set foot in the door of a C.T. store and revert back to a store(HOME DEPOT)who seems to care and stands by the products that it sell or the return policies that are posted on signs. Not "SELECTIVE" signage either. They stand by what they say. In a competative market, you have to keep the customer/client happy or they will obviously go elsewhere were their business is appreciated. Not talk to a manager who I found to be extremely rude. I did say to the manager that if this is not matched, I will no longer shop at his store...He looked me in the eye and said "DO YOU THINK I CARE"..."GOOD-BYE" with a smile.
Well let me tell you, I just about swollowed my tongue, I was shocked, so here I am hoping to save a lot of other people who believe the "PRICE MATCHING" to be real? It just makes the customer think that they are safe buying their products, were in reality, look around, you will most deffinately find allmost any product cheaper at another place of business. I mean really, from $199.99 at most stores, but C.Tire $249.99...Thats quite a spread, $50.00 ???? Absolutely rediculous...So in all respect, I am beginning to believe the names I hear around town "CRAPPY TIRE" or "CANADIAN TRASH"...So please pass the word and lets put a stop to signage that just fools the public into thinking they are shopping at a company that stands by their word????

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  • Bm
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Something I just don't get is how Crappy Tire can expect to stay in business when you can go to the competitor and purchase the exact same product for 25% less. I mean most of us enjoy saving money so I assume Canadian Trash is praying on locals(without transportation) or just plain Crappy Tire diehards that won't wake up amd smell the coffee. If people only got together and stuck together, well lets just say that's a lot of power and you would see Crappy Tire change pretty quick. But maybe that's happening, the last time I was in their, around 12:00 noon time, I believe I was the only customer?...Hmmmm
    I think part of their problem is the hiring practices, sorry to say that as we all need a job, but at least train them properly for the job. Going back a few years ago, my wife took a job with them and she lasted 1 day(lol)...Problem being, she did'nt even know what copper was, let alone flux and they put her in the plumbing department. She said she felt so embarrased with every customer that came up to her. She could'nt even answer one question. Good thing it was just a job to hold her over while she completed her B.A. ...Now don't misunderstand me, I believe everyone needs a chance or a job, but at least fit the right person in the department that has at least basic knowledge of the products offered...Lets make a change and try and get Crappy Tire to make a change back to the trusted name we all knew...I say "LETS BOYCOTT" CRAPPY TIRE, together we "can" make a change for the better :)

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