MagazinePit.comFraud and cheating

I was trying to order a magazine subscription as a gift for a friend. So I did a lot of research and found to be the cheapest. I didn't like the look of the site because it looked kinda cheap. However, they offered the payment to be done with Paypal, which I know guarantees purchases. So I placed my order using paypal.

I had to wait 8-12 weeks for the magazine, which I was aware of. When 8-12 weeks went by and my friend had yet to receive the magazine. I tried to contact the company to ask where the subscription was, they only had an email address. After a few attempts with no response, I then contacted Paypal to file a dispute. When talking to Paypal I found out that my coverage of that purchase was over since it was past 60 days. When I asked why they would let someone use their name on their bogus website, knowing that they couldn't cover people who order magazine subscriptions, their response was that they don't know. I tried calling my bank and asking them to help me out, I found out that I was only covered for 60 days as well. So I was out 50 bucks.

It's now been 5 months with no response yet from this company, and no subscription. Whatever you do, DONT use this website!


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