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Magazine Sales & Processing / Fraud - Theft

1 CO, United States

Silly me for being taken advantage of - such a sucker for a "good cause". After writing two separate checks totaling $90 for two magazine subscriptions (should've known at this point something was wrong but woe the trusting soul I have...) I did a quick follow up to the D2D company online and saw the many complaints lodged against them. I decided to cancel my order after reviewing these previous offenses.

After jumping through all the hoops required to submit cancelllation and following the strict timeline imposed to "legally" cancel the order as well as providing proof of payment, for checks that cleared literally the next business day, it took many attempts to even get American Cash Awards (the "processing company" for D2D) to acknowledge that I had followed correct procedures. I cancelled and submitted proof of payment several times via fax, email, phone and US post. I also have been calling American Cash Awards weekly to find out status of my refund. Nonetheless, I continue to wait for my refund 3 months after my order was submitted and cancelled.

I only hope that someone will read this before writing a check to D2D- and the many different names the company carries (Rivista, Frontline, etc.) and chooses not to "donate" to this fraud and scam.

I also want to call out the American Cash Awards processsing company that supposedley "has nothing to do wtih the D2D business" and can't give a refund until the D2D refund account is funded. The American Cash Awards company has "resubmitted" my paperwork to accounting three time, each time explaining that the employee before them didn't submit correctly but walking me through the same exact steps. One girl even was bold enough to hang up on me saying "I just don't know when you'll see your money again..." when I questioned how her "steps" were different than the last representative.

The American Cash Awards processing company is nothing more than a tool to help bolseter the fraud of D2D. Refusing to give me contact information for D2D and expaining creative scenarios about why I still have not received my money. Now I have a "Office Manager's" email, I wonder how much will change.

Shame on those who build mistrust in our world. Shame on those who try to profit through some kind of complicated sanctioned stealing. And of course, shame on me for being the trusting one. I wish those out there fare better than I have.

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